School-Home Communication

At LEH Foshan, we acknowledge the crucial role of parents in the academic success of their children. With a steadfast commitment to students’ well-being, we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative partnership with families through various platforms for parental engagement.

Effective school-home communication is a key aspect of our engagement strategy. We continuously strive to ensure that parents have a clear and defined way to engage with the school and that their contributions are integral to their child's education.


Parent Committee

The Parent Committee at LEH Foshan plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the relationship between the school and families. By facilitating effective communication and promoting collaboration, the Committee serves as a vital link between the home and the school. Comprised of parents who have been nominated and selected by their peers, the Committee represents the diverse perspectives and opinions of the school community.

If you would like to get in touch with our LEHF Parent Committee, please send an email to

Communication Flow Chart

Communication Channels

Complaints Policy

LEH Foshan has long prided itself on the quality of the teaching and pastoral care provided to its students. However, if parents do have a concern or complaint, they can expect it to be treated by the school in accordance with this Policy. It is the school’s wish to be a community that listens and is able to respond in a positive, appropriate and sympathetic fashion when concerns and complaints are raised.

Learn more about our Complaints Policy here


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