House System

It is almost impossible to talk about British school without mentioning House system. As one of the most distinguished elements of British schools, the Houses are the subunits of the school, and each student is allocated to one House at the moment of enrolment. A primary purpose of the House System is to provide pastoral care and foster community feeling while the secondary feature is to instil healthy competitions to encourage teamwork and cooperation.

At LEH Foshan, the 4 Houses are split across four distinct buildings within the Campus. The House building provides the living accommodation for boarding students and a range of study and social facilities for both day and boarding students.

Two of the four mythological creatures are from China and the other two are from Western mythology. The selection of these House symbols is used to highlight the importance of both East and West at LEH Foshan, and another meaningful way to combine the two cultures.

House Name Dragon Phoenix Gryphon Unicorn
House LOGO





Compass Point

East South West North
Character 凤凰 狮鹫 独角兽
House Color






House Activities

The House system is first and foremost inclusive of all learning types and interests. We have sporting, artistic and cross-curricular events. This level of competition can have numerous academic benefits as well as social-emotional. Those who feel comfortable and supported enough to participate in House events are more likely to feel able to commit themselves fully to academia.

On an individual basis, pupils are awarded merits (House Point) for good behaviour, effort and good work. We want everyone to contribute positively to their House, not only through active participation in House events but also by supporting others in developing their interests, further developing our culture of mutual respect and support.

Throughout the year our students participate in House events which include House Assemblies, House Sports Day, Debate and Spelling Bee. Students of higher year groups have the opportunity to take responsibility and develop leadership skills as House Captains.









House Benefits

The House System exists to develop a sense of identity, belonging and school spirit and to provide opportunities for all students to participate fully in the life of the school. A wealth of House competitions and activities encourages community, co-operation, and collaboration among the student body alongside creativity, determination, interdependence, and resilience.

Since the inception of the House system, it has been possible to see significant developments and improvements in students’ interpersonal relationships and leadership opportunities, with several of our older and younger students taking on different responsibilities, afforded to them within the House system.

The House system also allows us to monitor students’ interactions while giving them opportunities to work towards a collective goal of attaining House points, culminating in the awarding of the top House for each 2-week period.

The sense of community that pervades throughout the school would, arguably, be incomplete if students were not given the opportunity to interact with teachers beyond those they see in the classroom, thereby encouraging stronger relationships between adults and students.

To talk about the House system and neglect to mention competition would be foolish. Potentially it is the competitive element of the Houses that people think of first. The all-important termly round up where the current leader is announced to great fanfare, the selection of mini competitions each term and, of course, Sports Day. Competition is good, it drives our students to improve, improves collegiality and teaches how to fail.


Prep School House Masters

Unicorn House

Mr Robert Jones

House Master of Unicorn


Gryphon House

Ms Linda He

House Master of Gryphon

Dragon House

Mr Connor Lewis

House Master of Dragon


Phoenix House

Mr Alexander Tennant

House Master of Phoenix

Secondary School House Masters

Unicorn House

Mr Steven Banks

House Master of Unicorn


Gryphon House

Mr Lee Jones

  • House Master of Gryphon

Dragon House

Mr David Richards

House Master of Dragon


Phoenix House

Ms Danielle Morgan

  • House Master of Phoenix

The role of House Master is an important one here at LEH Foshan as it allows us to develop and nurture our schools’ values pastorally. One of the main strengths of the House system is giving students of all ages the opportunity to work together, creating a truly cohesive environment and ensuring that age is not a barrier to friendship and collaboration. This reflects the life that we are preparing our students for outside of LEH Foshan.

House Tutors

The House System is also supported by House tutors; there are 3 tutors in each House, with each overseeing 2 Year Levels, supporting their academic, social and emotional development. The House Master and House Tutor roles complement each other perfectly to provide an in-school support network for our students so that they have a positive school experience.