Pastoral Care

Joyfulness and Well-being

We recognise that our students wish to achieve the highest academic standards, but we believe this happens when they are happy and healthy.  To do this we work hard as a team with the students to ensure they have a joyful learning experience and develop a sense of purpose and well-being.  Whether in the Boarding House or in the Classroom, every student is treated as an individual with individual needs.  Form Tutors and House Tutors get to know each student and help them to develop into confident adults ready to play an active and positive part in society. 

House System

Every student will be placed into a House when they join the school.  Each House will be single gender, will cover a full range of ages and will provide an environment for students to flourish.  Each House will be supported by resident House Parents and Assistants who will ensure the well-being and academic progress of each individual student.  Each House will select Student Leaders to work alongside the House Parents to develop House spirit and to develop student voice.  House competitions will allow all students the opportunity to represent their House in a range of activities including drama, music and sport; students will earn House points for acts of kindness and for their attitude to their studies.

Boarding Experience

Boarding will enable students to make the best use of the wonderful space and facilities that LEH Foshan offers and will ensure that no time is wasted sitting in traffic.  Students will develop communication skills, independence and initiative alongside a strong sense of community as they live and work with their classmates, developing strong friendships that will last well beyond school.

When students join the School, they will share an ensuite room with students of the same age.  The modern design of the rooms will ensure they have privacy, space to work individually or collaboratively, while providing the support and facilities to ensure the students need only focus upon their learning.

Common Rooms in each House will ensure students have space to relax and socialise in their free time and will help integrate students and develop House spirit.  While 3 meals a day will be provided in the Dining Hall, kitchenettes will allow students to make hot drinks and snacks at other times.

The supportive ‘House’ environment, the wealth of activities, regular exercise, good diet and sleep, top quality medical care and a consistent focus upon our values, combined with the experience of our staff and expert guidance from LEH UK will help us to achieve joyfulness and well-being: