Naomi : Just Like Home


Part of what makes boarding House at LEH Foshan so special is that students can voice their opinions; they are also welcomed to suggest initiatives and ideas and change things for the better. Naomi, Year 11, shares her views on boarding.



Y11 Student


As a first-time boarder, what has impressed you most?

The thing that has impressed me the most is probably the boarding house itself. I like how the rooms are comfortable; it's just like home, but way more modern.



What type of support is available in the house?

The house parents are very friendly and nice and help us with any problems, such as exam stress. In addition, Mrs Jones plans many activities during the weekend, so there are more things to do. For example, we watch movies on the weekend, and we even get hot chocolate :P. They also help us get more snacks because we only used to have milk, but now we have juice and make our lives at the boarding house more chill. At the same time, Matron helps with the more practical things.



Were there any initial shocks/culture shocks?

I used to go to a Chinese public school, and if I'm being honest, it wasn't very nice. We didn't even have proper mattresses to sleep on. But in this school, the boarding rooms are homey, cosy and minimalistic, and I can wake up without my neck feeling like it's going to snap off in an instant.

Being someone who used to live in England, there weren't many culture shocks. The school's environment is almost the same as British schools, maybe even better. Unlike private schools in England (about 300 years old, by the way!) It's modern.




How do you find the facilities – roam/social area etc?

I think they are great. Especially the social area. After evening school, my friends and I go to the 5th floor and play board games for the next hour, sometimes we play pool as well, and on weekends we have film night or do arts and crafts.


What do you enjoy about boarding?

I like having more freedom and independence. You also get a glimpse of what your life without your parents looks like, which can prepare you for when you go abroad to study at international universities. It almost makes me more aware of how to manage my time. Ever since I've started boarding, I get to sleep, and I don't need to stay up late to get work done for the next day.


Why should people board at LEH Foshan?

I know that being away from your parents for a long time seems quite frightening. But everything at LEH Foshan is so like home that you'll fit right in. I was thrilled to be boarding and have my school right opposite my room at the very start. But the only thing I was worried about was my roommates. I was scared they would bully me or pick on me for whatever reason. However, it was quite the opposite. I found my best friends.