Boarding Life at LEH Foshan

Boarding Life at LEH Foshan


Yen Yung

Y9 Student


Yen Yung joined LEH Foshan in Year 9 from Hong Kong in September 2021. She has a passion for music, loves playing the piano and oboe. In her free time, she also enjoys reading. When asked why she chose LEHF, she replied: “The way teaching is done here suits me the best, as I feel I have been learning a lot, and there are many more things I still need to learn every day!”


Have you ever wanted to spend more time with your friends? Have you ever wanted to have more freedom? Have you ever wanted to be more independent? Then living in the boarding school is the best choice for you!  


Breakfast - 7.15 - You can choose to wake up at 7, then you do not need to rush to get to school; you can take your time gorging on sausages, bacon and noodles until it's time for morning registration! You do not need to wake up at 6:30 (or earlier) to go back to school because you need to wait for the bus or are stuck in a traffic jam!



After finishing your lovely breakfast cooked by our staff and saying good morning to our lovely house parents, we go to lessons at 8:20 to begin the school day. There are a total of six lessons in a day, with a half an hour break in the morning and 50 minutes for lunch - the burgers are delicious! After lessons are two Extra-Curricular Activities - you can choose from a vast selection of these - from Dance to Art, Music to Science! 




Supper starts at 6 pm; there is always something for everyone at supper! A delicious hot meal is always welcome before heading over to evening school! Being in evening school means that we have allocated time to complete our homework (from 7 pm - 9 pm), there is also always a teacher on duty who is more than happy to help us out! But it's not just all 'work, work, work' - if you complete all of your homework by 8:30, you can go to the common room and relax, be social, make friends, play pool or some boards games, watch television or chill out on the sofa.  



At 9 pm, all electronic devices are handed to the house parents; these are kept in the Tutor Room and remain there until 4 pm the following day. At 9:30, the younger students go to bed; by 10 pm, lights are out throughout Phoenix House! 


Over the weekend, there are various activities on offer: playing badminton, dabbling in art, improving your pool playing skills, music practice, losing yourself in a book in the library, movie nights, mall visits and cinema trips! You may find that you need a day to relax, enjoy your time off, and have a day with your friends eating snacks, going for walks, playing board games or just chatting. 





I enjoy attending a boarding school; I appreciate the opportunity to be social, develop solid friendships, learn new skills and live happily! So what are you waiting for? Choose to board at LEH Foshan and start making your dreams come true now!