Year 2 Opens at LEH Foshan

Year 2 Opens at LEH Foshan

LEH International School Foshan is excited to announce the commencement of Year 2 for students aged 6, starting from school year 2023-2024. 

With a strong focus on delivering an outstanding British education, LEH Foshan now warmly welcomes students aged 6 to 18, offering a complete learning journey for international families in the Greater Bay Area. With our unwavering dedication to excellence, LEH Foshan is ready to nurture young minds, helping them become skilled and responsible global citizens.

Ms Bateman

Head of the Prep School

I am so excited to welcome our Year 2’s into the Prep School family. At LEHF Prep School we have created a vibrant, fun, and exciting learning environment for all, we inspire students to want to learn. We have a clear focus and are well-planned, we take every opportunity to explore our dreams at school. By standing tall, holding our heads high, and being proud of what we have achieved. We have a passion for what we do at school and have confidence and belief in ourselves. In a world where competition in every walk of life prevails, we need to build a child’s personality to have considerable confidence in themselves. Being able to start this journey with our experienced UK-qualified teachers is the best foundation for all our Year 2 students. Start the year as strangers and end it as family.


An Extended Voyage for International Families

The expansion to Year 2 marks a significant leap forward for LEH Foshan, as we now cater to students from ages 6 to 18. This thoughtful extension in our admission age range reflects our commitment to offering a seamless educational journey for international families within the Greater Bay Area. No longer will families need to transition between different schools to accommodate their children's evolving needs. Instead, LEH Foshan provides a continuous, holistic experience that spans from the early years of primary education to the final steps toward higher education.


Crafting an Authentic British Atmosphere

At the heart of LEH Foshan's Year 2 adventure is a team of seasoned British educators who bring with them a deep understanding of the UK education system. This dedicated cadre of teachers is committed to cultivating an environment that encapsulates the very essence of British learning. Here, students don't just acquire knowledge - they learn to explore, question, and innovate, nurturing skills essential for a lifetime of success.


Meet the Y2 Classroom Teachers

Mr Gary Lodge 

Year 2 Teacher

  • Over 10 years of experience as a classroom teacher and supervisor in Foshan, China
  • BA in Economics, Durham University, UK; MA in Early Childhood Education, University of Sheffield, UK
  • Qualified English Language teacher
  • Guided pupils to achieve Trinity College London Drama Certificates



Ms Poppy Wilkinson

Year 2 Teacher

  • Enthusiastic and reflective early career teacher with nearly 10 years' experience in education in the UK.
  • BA in Primary Physical Education and Sports Coaching as well as a PGCE Primary Certificate from Leeds Trinity University.
  • Passionate about teaching young learners with a vast amount of experience in this area.
  • Knowledgeable in fostering the learning of children from diverse backgrounds and abilities


A Holistic Approach to Learning

Our British curriculum reflects a comprehensive blend of subjects, including English, Maths, Chinese, Science, Topic studies, Art, PSHE, PE, and even Swimming. What sets our approach apart is the seamless integration of subjects through thematic exploration. This unique methodology allows students to organically link different areas of learning, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around them. Moreover, our commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics. Daily Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs) encompass an array of choices, including drama, gardening, Junior Duke challenges, dance, and sports.






Enchanting Spaces for Exploration

Step into the Year 2 classrooms and you'll find not just learning spaces, but immersive wonderlands designed to ignite curiosity. The classrooms boast thoughtfully designed play areas adorned with an array of captivating toys and facilities. These dynamic spaces foster creativity and collaboration, where imagination knows no bounds and friendships are forged through shared exploration. It's an environment where cognitive, social, and emotional growth converge, standing as a testament to our commitment to holistic development.

As a new academic dawn beckons, LEH International School Foshan stands ready to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and discovery. As we set sail into this new chapter with the opening of Year 2, we invite you and your family to join us on an enchanting voyage of growth, enlightenment, and boundless possibility. Welcome to LEH Foshan - where knowledge has no boundaries.