Welcoming the Nelson Family to LEH Foshan

Welcoming the Nelson Family to LEH Foshan

With the influx of fresh faces and talents, LEH International School Foshan is proud to present a series of our new staff introductions to our community. In this article, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the Nelson family. 

Hailing with a wealth of experience in education and a passion for fostering student growth, Mrs Nelson, the Head of Learning Support, and Mr Nelson, the Learning Consultant of Business and Economics, are ready to make their mark within our community. Not only are they bringing their expertise to our school, but they also come as a family unit, with their two children who are embarking on their educational journey here. Let us get to know the Nelsons better through an insightful interview.

Mrs Jenny Nelson 

Head of Learning Support

Mrs Nelson is our new Head of Learning Support, bringing over 15 years of diverse education experience from the UK, South Africa, South Korea, China, Peru, and UAE. Proficient in teaching English to native and non-native speakers, she covers levels from Year 1 to A Level and even university. Her dedication to teaching excellence was recognised with the Top Teacher in English award for Grade 12 from the South African Government in Johannesburg when she was teaching in South Africa. Mrs Nelson holds a Master’s Degree in Literary Linguistics from Nottingham University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Linguistics (First-Class Honours) from the University of Ulster. Additionally, she earned a Certificate in TEFL with Distinction from London Teacher Training College.


Mr Gareth Nelson 

Learning Consultant of Business & Economics

Mr Nelson, an experienced educator with 10 years of teaching and over 8 years in the industry, joins LEH Foshan as the Learning Consultant of Business & Economics. His diverse background includes working as a Business Studies Teacher, Subject Head, and Head of Humanities in schools across the UK, South Africa, South Korea, China, Peru, and UAE. Additionally, he served as a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Arden University in the UK. Mr Nelson's teaching expertise extends to IGCSE and A Level Business Studies, Economics, History, and Psychology. His academic qualifications include a Master’s Degree in Military History from Wolverhampton University and a PGCE in Business Analysis and Consulting from Ulster University.

1/ Please introduce yourself and your family members.

Hi, we are the Nelson family, Gareth, Jenny, Imogen, and Oliver. Before we arrived in beautiful Foshan we were living in the UK. We have worked in China previously, in Qingdao and Wenzhou. From what we have seen so far Foshan looks stunning and we are extremely excited about our stay here.


2/ As a family, you have made the decision to relocate and join our school community. What factors contributed to your decision to choose LEH Foshan and what drew you to Foshan?
One of the main contributors to us making the decision to join LEH Foshan was the excellent level of education being offered to the students to date. As mentioned, we have two children who now also attend LEH Foshan so that was a huge attraction for us. We have friends in China who also told us that the people in Foshan are the friendliest in China, they were not wrong.


3/ What excites you the most about joining the LEH Foshan community and becoming a part of our school's vision for holistic education? 
We love to see our students blossom in a safe and inclusive environment and LEH Foshan gives us the opportunity to do this. We are firm believers that educating the whole child is imperative, concentrating not only on intellect but also on building social, emotional, and physical skills to succeed in this world.


4/ Mrs Nelson, your role as Head of Learning Support is crucial in fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Could you tell us more about your approach to learning support?

All students have a right to succeed in the classroom and this begins with our excellent subject and class teachers. All teachers at LEH Foshan work hard to ensure learning is inclusive and that all students are supported in the classroom. However, some students will need more help and we provide tailored, individual, one-to-one support for these students to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to reach their true potential.


5/ Mr Nelson, as the Learning Consultant of Business and Economics, how do you envision bringing real-world relevance to your subjects and allowing students to benefit from your work experience in the business industry

Having spent a lot of my career in the business world I believe in giving students real life examples, where possible, of how business works. This helps students relate to what they are learning. If I can explain a process using experiences of how a process works, the students find it easier to understand than reading it from a page in a textbook.

6/ What are some of your favourite hobbies or activities outside of your professional life, and do you hope to explore any new interests in Foshan?

As a family we are all hermits, we love to spend time as a family watching movies, eating tasty food, and enjoying each other's company. However, we all love watching rugby and cricket (depending on who is playing) and Oliver and Gareth love watching football. As a family, our aim is to get out as much as possible and explore the beautiful parks in Foshan as well as see the city not to mention trying the highly recommended dishes Foshan has to offer.

The Nelson family's presence is sure to enrich our school's diverse academic landscape, and we are eager to witness the positive impact they will undoubtedly make. Stay tuned as we will keep delving into the lives and experiences of the talented individuals who have joined the LEH Foshan community. Their unique perspectives and dedication to education are sure to inspire us all as we collectively strive for excellence in teaching and learning.