The LEH Bond

The LEH Bond

LEH International School Foshan (LEH Foshan) takes immense pride in being intrinsically connected to its esteemed sister school Lady Eleanor Holles School in London (LEH London), one of England's oldest and most pioneering educational institutions. At LEH Foshan, we stand on the shoulders of 300 years of education excellence upheld by LEH London. This unique connection allows us to create an environment that blends tradition, expertise, and philosophy, providing an extraordinary learning journey for our students.

Lady Eleanor Holles School is an independent girl school in London, the UK. The school was founded in 1710, making it one of the oldest girls' schools in the UK. It is a school where pupils successfully combine impressive intellectual endeavour with enthusiastic engagement well beyond academia. Learn more about LEH London here.

While LEH Foshan operates as an independent school, it remains deeply connected to LEH London, drawing from the wealth of experience and wisdom garnered over centuries. Our shared commitment to academic brilliance, holistic development, and nurturing each child's potential has laid the foundation for a strong bond between the two schools.

LEH Foshan Groundbreaking Ceremony in 2018

Collaboration and Support

The synergy between the two schools is not just symbolic; it translates into a collaborative approach to education. For example, our Headteacher, Mrs Arden, maintains regular meetings with the Head Mistress at LEH London. These interactions foster the exchange of ideas and expertise on school events, student achievements, teacher professional training, academic updates, and shared resources.
In conjunction with our sister school LEH UK, our students have used an electron microscope to study the microscopic world, and, as part of the LEH UK Science Fair, have explored the galaxy and beyond with the aid of NASA’s latest telescope.

The active involvement of LEH London in LEH Foshan's school management and teacher recruitment ensures that the same high standards and values upheld in London are upheld in Foshan. This engagement further cements the close-knit partnership between the two institutions.

Exciting Academic Endeavours Ahead

Exciting times are on the horizon for both LEH Foshan and LEH London as they gear up for a series of collaborative initiatives. Next year will witness a remarkable milestone as Prep students from LEH Foshan embark on a visit to their sister school in London. This invaluable experience will facilitate cultural exchange, fostering a broader perspective and nurturing lifelong bonds between students.

Additionally, Mrs Arden's visit to LEH London during the summer holiday to discuss projects between the senior schools marks a significant step towards fostering academic relationships. We will share more details in our future articles. These initiatives will enable us to create a shared platform of learning, where best practices from both schools merge to shape the leaders and pioneers of tomorrow.

Founder's Day Celebration

A momentous occasion awaits us on the 16th of November 2023 as we will celebrate our first Founder's Day. 

Joining us for this special event will be Mrs Hanbury, Head Mistress 2014 – 2023 and Mr Berkowitch, Finance Director at LEH International from the UK, along with our Board of Governors. The festivities will be graced with LEH London's performances via our big screen, symbolising the unity and solidarity between our two institutions.

Join the Legacy of Excellence
At LEH Foshan, we are immensely proud of our close connection with LEH London, a beacon of educational excellence since 1710. Our bond with LEH London fuels our passion for upholding the time-honoured education traditions while embracing innovative approaches, empowering and inspiring our students to be the best version of themselves.
Joining LEH Foshan will empower your child with centuries of wisdom derived from LEH’s educational excellence and offer them further access to LEH’s global community and alumni network, providing endless possibilities for collaboration and fostering lifelong connections.