LEHF's Commitment to Safeguarding Students

LEHF's Commitment to Safeguarding Students

At LEH International School Foshan, the well-being and protection of our students are our top priority and we are steadfast in our commitment to providing a secure and safe learning environment for all. 

Importance of Safeguarding

The importance of safeguarding cannot be overstated. Feeling safe and supported is crucial for a student's academic and personal development. It promotes positive behaviour and healthy social interactions and enables students to focus on their studies and achieve their potential, leading to improved outcomes in self-esteem, self-confidence, and life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Children who are exposed to harm, abuse, or neglect can experience a range of negative outcomes, including physical injuries, emotional distress, and long-term mental health issues. These negative outcomes can have a significant impact on their development and progress, potentially leading to difficulties with academic achievement, social relationships, and future opportunities.

LEH Foshan's holistic approach to safeguarding recognises that children's well-being goes beyond physical safety, and encompasses their emotional, social, and mental health needs. We believe that every child has the right to feel safe, secure, and supported while they learn and grow.

Safeguarding Policy

LEH Foshan places a strong emphasis on student safety and adheres to both local and global standards, including the Protection of Minors Law in the People's Republic of China and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our Safeguarding Policy and procedures always reflect this commitment. 

The school’s Safeguarding Policy sets out clear guidelines and procedures that are designed to protect our students from harm, abuse, or neglect. This Policy is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it reflects the latest best practices and guidelines in safeguarding. 

Safeguarding Lessons for Students

At LEH Foshan, we acknowledge the significance of imparting knowledge on safeguarding issues to our students. Age-appropriate lessons that cover a range of topics, including health and safety, digital privacy, online abuse, first aid, emotional well-being, and interpersonal relationships are provided and integrated into various subject areas to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education on safeguarding. 

For instance, in computer science lessons, students learn about the importance of digital privacy and online safety; in sports lessons, they receive training in first aid and learn how to respond to injuries and emergencies that may occur on the field. In addition, our PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) lessons cover topics such as emotional well-being, healthy relationships, and the impact of bullying. These lessons also help students develop essential qualities such as empathy, communication, and self-awareness, which are crucial for maintaining positive relationships and preventing harm.

Safeguarding Training for Staff

At LEH Foshan, we make sure that ALL staff are appropriately and regularly trained to identify and respond to concerns about children's welfare. We provide regular training on a range of safeguarding issues, such as child protection, online safety, mental health and first aid, creating a culture of awareness and vigilance around safeguarding concerns. The training sessions are interactive and engaging, using real-life scenarios to help staff learn about the different forms of abuse, the signs and symptoms that may indicate abuse is taking place, and the steps they need to take to report their concerns and support children in need.

The school also works with EduCare, the UK’s leading provider of essential duty of care and safeguarding training. EduCare provides comprehensive and professional materials and online training sessions that are updated regularly, ensuring that the school staff has access to the latest information and practices in safeguarding. All members of the school's staff are required to complete the courses and pass the exams provided by EduCare. This ensures that they have the essential knowledge and skills to identify potential risks and safeguard the welfare of the students. 


Safeguarding in Off-Campus Events
Safeguarding is just as important in off-campus events as it is within the school environment. At LEH Foshan, we understand that off-campus events provide unique opportunities for students to learn and grow, but they also come with additional risks. That's why we take extra precautions to ensure that all off-campus events are conducted in a safe and secure manner, and that appropriate safeguarding measures are in place. We carefully assess all off-campus events before they take place, considering the risks involved and implementing appropriate safeguards. We also ensure that participating staff are appropriately trained in safeguarding and that students are aware of the measures in place to keep them safe.

Safeguarding Team

Our safeguarding team is comprised of experienced educators who are well-versed in safeguarding and supporting students. Ms Bateman leads the team in the Prep School, while Mr Jones heads the team in the Secondary School. They oversee the annual audit of our safeguarding practices and hold regular meetings with other staff to ensure that our policies and procedures are up-to-date and effective.

Ms Mandy Bateman

Head of the Prep School

Ms Bateman has 30 years of experience as an educator and leader in both British and international schools in the UK, Portugal, and Egypt. Her journey in education has been wide-ranging. In 2009 she established herself as a leader when she became a founding Headteacher of an independent school in the UK. In her last position, Ms Bateman worked as a Headteacher of Early years foundation stage (EYFS) and Primary 6 form entry school at a well-regarded British International School in Egypt. Ms Bateman holds a MA SEN Education from Cambridge UK. 


Mr Lee Jones

Head of Physical Education, Sport & Activities Faculty & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr Lee Jones is our Head of Physical Education, Sport & Activities Faculty & Designated Safeguarding Lead. He has extensive working experience and had held senior positions in schools in India, Mongolia, Kenya and the UK. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, and was awarded his MSc Mental Health & Well-Being in Education with distinction. 


Parent Engagement

At LEH Foshan, we recognise the important role that parents and guardians play in ensuring the safety and well-being of their children. We believe that it is essential to establish a collaborative partnership between parents and our school to effectively safeguard our students. It is important for parents to be informed about our school's safeguarding policies, procedures, and best practices, so they can be better equipped to identify potential concerns and play an active role in promoting a safe and secure environment for their children.

Mark Your Calendar! 

LEH Foshan will host a Spotlight on Education session on 10th March and invite Mr Jones, our Head of Physical Education, Sport & Activities Faculty and Designated Safeguarding Lead to share valuable information on safeguarding, including practical tips on how parents can support their children. Join us in this mission and sign up now!