LEHF Summer Tech Week A Review

LEHF Summer Tech Week A Review

he Week A of the Summer Tech at LEH International School Foshan has concluded, and we are delighted to witness the students thoroughly enjoying themselves throughout the week. This programme was crafted to be a perfect combination of education and entertainment, providing a unique blend of English, Art, STEM workshops, coding sessions and daily sports activities. 

Now, let's delve into the exciting experiences the students had during this week.



Led by our experienced ELA teachers, the English lessons during Week A were divided into Language Focus and Cultural Diversity sessions. In Language Focus, students engaged in fun grammar games to reinforce language forms. The Cultural Diversity sessions offered insights into other English-speaking countries' cultures, covering topics like Tourism, Food, and Traditional Clothing. These well-crafted sessions not only enriched language skills but also fostered a broader understanding of global cultures.





An example of the exciting activities in the English class was the use of crossword puzzles, where students learned interesting facts about different countries and practised pronouncing the country names in English. The students also engaged in a lively game of "headbands," which encouraged them to speak and interact while learning about traditional clothing from various countries.


STEM Workshops



The STEM workshops encouraged students to learn and apply knowledge from multiple disciplines, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, to solve real-world problems. The workshops were hands-on and interactive, allowing the children to learn through exploration and experimentation. All these activities encouraged teamwork and critical thinking, preparing the children for the future ahead.

In the optics workshop, students gained an in-depth understanding of scientific principles and then built their telescopes using simple materials.
The children were challenged to test their creativity and problem-solving skills through various projects, such as building paper bridges with limited materials.
This fun science experiment turns dirty water clean. Students learned to make a homemade water filter and gained a valuable lesson that they can create clean water even in the wilderness.

Coding & Lego 
Students delved into LEGO Education WeDo2.0 hardware and Scratch programming software. Beginning with computational thinking, they designed basic programmes to solve simple problems, progressing to apply STEM knowledge, creativity, and LEGO Education hardware to tackle diverse challenges.





Students were introduced to the fundamentals of coding and had hands-on experiences assembling and programming their very own LEGO racing cars.







Of course, the Summer Tech wouldn't be complete without the daily sports activities. The experienced basketball and swimming coaches ensured that the children had a blast while staying fit and learning important values, such as teamwork and sportsmanship.