LEH Foshan 2023 IGCSE Results

LEH Foshan 2023 IGCSE Results

At LEH International School Foshan, we are thrilled to announce the outstanding results achieved by our students in the 2023 IGCSE examinations, with 

59.1% achieving A*-A and 

86.4% achieving A*-B. 


After months of anticipation and relentless dedication, our students have proven their mettle with a remarkable display of academic excellence. Despite being a small cohort, the accomplishments of our students are nothing short of extraordinary. In this article, we invite our Head of Academics, Dr Kirk, to provide insights into the remarkable achievements of our students in the 2023 IGCSE exams.

Dr Martin Kirk

Head of Academics and Head of Science Faculty

LEH Foshan was delighted with the performance of all our Year 11 students in their final IGCSE assessments, which they sat in May and June. Although only a very small group, there were a number of highlights.


Particularly praiseworthy was the performance of Jack, who achieved the highest grades possible for five of his IGCSE qualifications: Chinese First Language, Double Award Science, Mathematics and Computer Science. Combined with two A grades in Music and English First Language, a level 8 in History and a B in English Literature, Jack can be very proud of his 100% A* - B


Tabitha achieved an A* in English Literature, to pair up with her previously obtained qualification in English First Language. Showcasing her talents in languages, she also achieved an A* in Chinese as a Foreign Language, while following in family footsteps with an A grade in Geography. Solid grade 6s in Mathematics and Art and a hard-earned Science pass completed her portfolio.

This year marked a significant milestone as we had our first Pre-A Level students participating in some of the IGCSE examinations, and their results were quite commendable. We take immense pride in their accomplishments, particularly given that most of them had only been immersed in the British curriculum at LEH Foshan for a single year. Their outstanding progress, especially in the realm of English and academics, stands as a source of pride and admiration.

The grades obtained by our Pre-A Level students in Mandarin and Mathematics were a cause of celebration; in both subjects there was 100% A* - C success, no doubt a driving force behind many of our successful candidates moving on to A Levels in Mathematics and Mandarin. As most of our PAL students only had experience of the demands of the IGCSE courses for one year, this was a fantastic effort by all concerned.

Behind every successful student, there is a team of dedicated educators. LEH Foshan's teachers have consistently gone above and beyond to provide our students with the best possible education and support. Their passion, guidance, and expertise have played an instrumental role in helping our students excel in the IGCSE examinations.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students for their incredible achievements in the 2023 IGCSE examinations. As they move forward to embark on their next educational adventure in the Sixth Form at LEH Foshan, we have every confidence that they will continue to shine brightly. We eagerly anticipate sharing their individual success stories in the weeks to come, stories that reflect the extraordinary accomplishments of our students and the remarkable journeys they are embarking upon. Please stay tuned for more updates as we continue to celebrate and support the success of our outstanding students.

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