Healthy & Delicious School Meals at LEH Foshan

Healthy & Delicious School Meals at LEH Foshan

With the understanding that food plays a vital role in pupils’ physical and mental development, LEH International School Foshan has partnered with Compass, the world's leading catering group, to provide a healthy, nutritious and balanced meals for our students to make sure they have the nutrients and energy to perform at their very best.


At LEH Foshan, working with expert nutritionists from Compass, we design and deliver dishes daily using recommended nutritional standards. Nutrition labels are carefully checked to ensure students and staff receive the right amount of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins they need in their daily diet. The menu varies on daily basis to offer fresh, balanced and diverse meals which represent the highlights of our school day.



Delicious School Meals


Buffet Breakfast

Students start their day at 07:15 with a buffet breakfast, which includes 3 main dishes, such as scrambled egg, cheese omelette, Siu Mai and shrimp dumplings, always paired with fresh fruits, yoghurt, cereal, oat porridge, pastry, breakfast rolls or toast bread, preserves, fruit juice, tea, coffee and milk. 



During morning and afternoon break time, fresh daily handmade snacks such as cookies, shortbreads, biscuits, crackers, pastries, and muffins are provided in the students’ House Rooms. Milk and tea are served with the snacks. 

Lunch & Dinner

Each lunch and supper feature a mix of Asian and Western main dishes, dessert and soup. And it is no surprise that fish and chip is served once a week as we are a British school.



Weekend Meals

For weekend boarders, buffet brunch instead of breakfast and lunch is served from 10:00 with breakfast muffin with egg, grilled pork bun, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and cornbread, oat porridge, yoghurt, toast, etc. Sunday dinner is served the same as school-day dinner. 


In the boarding house, there are kitchenette areas where students can get drinks and snacks, including fresh fruit. Boarding staff are open and responsive to student ideas when stocking these fridges and cupboards.



A Dining Hall for All 


Food Committee is from our Student Council to allow feedback, comments and communication between the school and the dining team. Every staff and student in School can discuss and comment on food provision both in the cafeteria and in the boarding house. They can pass on ideas through an online suggestion box.




Occasionally and on-demand, we invite current families to try out our school meals and collect their feedback for improvement.



Green Diet

Our school celebrated Earth Day on Friday, 22 April 2022, for example, our Chefs and the Catering Team have come up with a specially designed vegetarian menu for the day to raise pupils’ awareness of diet in an environmentally friendly way. 


Our Chefs and the Team


Chef Luke Ruan


Our Unit Chef Manager, Chef Luke Ruan, with over 22 years of cooking experience in Chinese and Western food, has worked in a leading position in some international schools in Guangzhou and Foshan. Luke has, over his extensive career, developed rich experience in the introduction of innovative dishes and weekly specials according to seasonal preferences and in management to maintain and grow a strong dining service team.  


Chef Curtis Lee


Our Western Head Chef, Chef Curtis Lee, has over 10 years of experience in the culinary industry and professional western-style cuisine. After graduating from the renowned Le Corden Bleu School of Cooking in Australia, he returned to China and worked at Four Seasons Guangzhou, specialising in Italian food and English afternoon tea. At LEH Foshan, Curtis has successfully integrated his experience from hotels as well as honed his skills in designing and cooking western vegetarian food. 


The Catering Service Team 




This service team consists of 14 people, including a unit chef manager, Chinese and Western head chef, pastry chef, financial assistant, warehouse keeper, senior food safety specialist and culinary operation staff to provide safe and satisfying food service for school staff and students.


Our Partner – Compass 



Compass Group is the world's leading catering group in providing food in the workplace including in schools. Compass has a full-time dietitian to support the unit team operation. Before commencing operations, they conducted a comprehensive review and survey of the food preferences of students and teachers. Based on that survey, the culinary team with a dietician develops a healthy menu, chosen according to dietary needs which will include soup, meat, vegetables, fruits, snacks, and dairy products to ensure that the dishes are nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of school staff and students.


Food Safety


The school employs three Chinese compliance officers to ensure regulations are met and upheld. The dining hall is bristling with regulation courtesy of the Food and Drugs Authority which oversees the catering operation and has the power to inspect the kitchens. The authorities have access to a live camera feed.


Samples of all dishes should be kept for 48 hours in case of any health issues arising. 



Food is served through a glass-fronted counter. In compliance with COVID protocols, queuing is socially distanced, and diners must hand-sanitise. Seating is spaced out and tables are only occupied on one side.




To ensure the hygiene and safety of food, LEH Foshan works with Compass to implement both internal and external audits to independently verify the quality of our hygiene and safety standards.



Tags for Quality Control 


Every day the dining hall and kitchen are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after mealtime. 



Kitchen staff and the school’s compliance officers are regularly trained to ensure that the latest food-relevant safety regulation is applied to daily practice and the school stays alert to any public food safety concerns. 




For prospective parents who are interested in trying out our school meals, please contact our admissions department and keep an eye on our upcoming Open Day events.