Elevating Teacher Growth: Open Door Week

Elevating Teacher Growth: Open Door Week

At LEH International School Foshan, we are exceptionally proud of our highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. A remarkable 90% of our teachers hail from the United Kingdom, bringing a wealth of expertise to the classroom, with an average of over 15 years of teaching experience. Yet, what sets our educators apart is their unwavering commitment to continuous growth and development. They understand that the path to excellence is an ongoing journey.

In the pursuit of excellence in education, LEH International School Foshan recently hosted Open Door Week, an initiative aimed to promote collaboration and professional development among the academic staff by encouraging teachers to observe their colleagues' lessons and provide constructive feedback. This proactive approach plays a pivotal role in enhancing teaching quality and, ultimately, benefits our students' education.

Benefits for our Teachers

Open Door Week allowed our teachers valuable opportunities to observe their peers' lessons, offering them insights into a variety of teaching styles and techniques, and inspiring them to enhance their own teaching methods. Additionally, monitors took notes and provided constructive feedback to promote a culture of continuous learning within our school community. 

By facilitating this open and collaborative environment, we empower our educators to adapt, evolve, and ensure the continued relevance of their teaching methods in our ever-changing educational landscape.

Benefits for our Students

The benefits of Open Door Week extend far beyond the immediate impact on teachers. Students also reap the rewards as they benefit from a school filled with passionate educators constantly seeking improvement. They continually experience innovative teaching methods from their teachers, resulting in more comprehensive and enriched learning experiences. 

Moreover, these teachers lead by example and inspire students to adopt a lifelong learner mindset, encouraging them to learn from their teachers and embrace the path of continual self-improvement.

Prep School Teacher, Mr Tennant paid a visit to his former students to check on their progress in Secondary School.

Mrs Jane Arden


This is a week dedicated to teachers’ professional development. As you know, we encourage everyone within the school to embrace our school values. Open Door Week encourages all staff to collaborate, communicate and hone their craft. Professional conversations are part of the working day; however, this week we will all be talking about self-regulation and how teachers encourage students to become more independent in their learning. Small steps will eventually lead to big wins and if every teacher is creating opportunities for students to grow in this area, then we will be living up to the school mission to create remarkable young men and women who are ready for the demands of life in the 21st century.
The title of 'Best Visitor' was awarded to Mr Munim in recognition of his enthusiastic participation during the Open Door Week.

Mr Andrew Munim

Teacher of Mathematics

It was really fantastic to be able to see so many different Teacher’s styles and methods. We have so many talented Teachers in LEH! I learnt a lot from watching their expertise in action, and I hope to be able to apply what I learnt in my own teaching. I want to thank the Teachers for their hard work and for allowing me to see it.

The Open Door Week stands as a testament to our school’s commitment to fostering professional growth among our teaching staff. It is not only an opportunity for teachers to learn from the best but also a testament to the importance of collaboration, self-improvement, and a commitment to excellence in education. Through events like Open Door Week, we ensure that our students receive the highest quality education, setting them on a path to a bright and successful future.