Apply Now for LEHF Scholarships & Exhibitions

Apply Now for LEHF Scholarships & Exhibitions

At LEH International School Foshan, we believe that education is not just about academic excellence, but also about recognising and nurturing individual talents and passions. That is why we are proud to provide scholarships and exhibitions, which is a powerful way to invest in our students' futures.

Our scholarship and exhibition programme celebrates and rewards outstanding achievements in a range of areas, from academic excellence to art, drama, music, sports, and science. By offering scholarships and exhibitions, we hope to inspire and motivate our students to pursue their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Mrs Arden

Headteacher comments:

"Scholarships are offered for academic excellence but also acknowledge that the arts and sports are an equally important part of the curriculum at LEH Foshan. Students who meet our admission's criteria may apply alongside our current students. The point of a scholarship is to offer an outstanding education to the most talented, ambitious young people who in return will bring to the school an energy and dynamism which will enrich the school. We offer bursaries alongside scholarships were the talent merits such an award."

At LEH Foshan, we are delighted to provide a range of scholarships and exhibitions to students at various stages of their education. 


Specifically, both scholarships and exhibitions are available to students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9), Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11), and Sixth Form (Years 12-13), while in Prep School (Year 2-6) exhibitions may be awarded to exceptional students, subject to the discretion of the Headteacher. 

Celebrating the Diversity of Talents

By offering scholarships and exhibitions in Art, Drama, Music, Sport and STEM subjects, LEH Foshan demonstrates its dedication to providing a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that values and supports students in all areas of their development, allowing them to explore and excel in areas beyond the traditional academic subjects.

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Eric from Year 10 is an exceptional student whose achievements have earned him a Sport Scholarship for his outstanding golf talent, remarkable academic record, and leadership potential. His success in golf is evident through his numerous accolades, including his recent golden award in the 17th Faldo Championship held in Shenzhen, along with his Chinese National Level 1 Golf Athlete Certificate.



In addition to his prowess in sports, Eric has also demonstrated remarkable aptitude in a variety of academic disciplines, including languages, mathematics, biology, geography, and art. His exceptional interpersonal skills and leadership qualities have earned him the coveted 2021 Excellent Student Award by the Bureau of Education in Nanhai Foshan.

Mrs Arden


"By acknowledging that art, drama, music, science and sport as equally relevant academically, the school promotes a balanced and holistic curriculum which equips young people for the 21st century. Our values continue to build confidence and communication but also craftmanship, being the best at what you do is something we celebrate here at LEH; we will always be unashamedly an academic, a musician or a sportsperson who can command the respect and support of the school community. Our scholars are expected to share selflessly share their talent, seeing it as their duty to utilise their talent at every given opportunity."

Contributing to the School Community

We believe that the bestowal of an award comes with privilege and responsibility. Recipients will be expected to set an example for other students in all aspects of school life and excel in their areas of expertise.



Another recipient is Miranda from Year 5, who has been awarded the Sport Exhibition as a recognition of her hard work and talents in fencing. She started practising fencing at the age of 7 and now she is a skilful young fencer. Recently Miranda won the 1st Prize of the U10 Girl's Epee Team championship of “Xiangyi Fu Tea” Cup Hunan Junior Fencing Open Competition in Changsha, which is a Class B Certification event of China Fencing Association.

On receiving this exhibition, she said that

I would stay humble but at the same time proud of the exhibition I received, but of course, I am super happy about this because I worked so hard on fencing…

Miranda’s aspiration is to “establish a fencing club as an ECA for people to get in touch with fencing and have a go. I think that is also the best way to use my exhibition for the school community. Also, I hope to let more people know about LEH Foshan through any competitions and communication”.  

Ms Bateman

Head of Prep comments:

“Our exhibition students are expected to openly share their talent, seeing it as fun to share at every given opportunity. Although some might believe that talent is rare, psychologist Benjamin Bloom said otherwise after he investigated top performers in six talent domains: “What any person in the world can learn, almost all persons can learn if provided with the appropriate conditions of learning.” Here at LEHF Prep, we provide the right environment for our students to feel safe, happy, and secure to develop their own talents. When talent, confidence, and enthusiasm are developed from an early age it builds a strong sense of self-efficacy, effective goal setting, and a personal commitment that can enhance students' specific achievements and lead them to higher-level career accomplishments.”


Apply Now 

Scholarships and exhibitions are offered to both current and prospective students. Parents of existing LEHF students who are moving into KS3, KS4, or Sixth Form will receive a letter from the Headteacher inviting their child to apply for the scholarships. To be considered, parents must complete and return the Scholarships Form by the given deadline. For prospective families, please contact the admissions team to obtain a scholarship application form and submit it along with the admissions application. 

Please note that applications for Scholarships and Exhibitions for the 2023-2024 school year will close on June 30, 2023. Early application is strongly recommended. 

We believe in recognising and rewarding exceptional talent, and we're excited to see what our students will achieve with the support of our scholarships and exhibitions. Apply today and embark on a journey of excellence with LEH Foshan!

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