LEH Foshan’s 2023-2024 Chapter Unfolds

LEH Foshan’s 2023-2024 Chapter Unfolds

A new chapter unfolds at LEH International School Foshan as the school year 2023-24 commences, bringing with it a cascade of anticipation, excitement, and renewed commitment to excellence. With the spirit of aspiration and learning hanging in the air, the campus welcomed an influx of refreshed faces, marking the inception of a transformative journey for students.






A Heartwarming Welcome for New Students

On Friday, 25th August, LEH Foshan embraced a wave of fresh faces as it hosted an energetic event to introduce a significant number of new students and their families to the school's dynamic community. The Headteacher, Mrs Arden, took the stage to extend a heartfelt greeting, making everyone feel like an integral part of the LEH family. 





The school leaders then took the opportunity to introduce the various facets of life at LEH Foshan. From academic expectations to pastoral care, and parent communication to the boarding programme, each aspect was illuminated to ensure that students and parents alike had a comprehensive understanding of the school's holistic approach to education. This insightful session provided a solid foundation for a successful and exciting school year ahead.
Of particular note was a Prep session, a thoughtful addition to the induction process. This specialised session not only offered families more in-depth information about the school day routine but also provided the chance for families to meet their child's class teachers in their classrooms. This personal touch goes a long way in easing the transition for our youngest learners and creating a sense of familiarity from the very beginning.


A Promising Start to the Educational Journey

The anticipation in the air was palpable on Monday morning of 28th August as LEH Foshan's campus buzzed with the excitement of a new academic year. The school's vibrant theatre was brimming with eager faces and the collective enthusiasm of students, parents, and staff, all coming together to mark the beginning of a promising academic journey.

Headteacher Mrs Arden's warm welcome speech set the tone for the day which unfolded with a series of informative sessions, designed to acquaint students with the school's latest developments and future aspirations. One highlight was the introduction of the House System — a hallmark of the LEH experience. New students were assigned to their respective Houses, marking the beginning of lifelong friendships and inter-House camaraderie. These smaller communities within the school ensure that every student finds a sense of belonging, support, and healthy competition throughout their academic journey.

As the Secondary students enjoyed bonding time with their Housemates and House Masters, parents were offered a session on home-school communication. LEH Foshan's commitment to fostering an open and collaborative environment was reaffirmed, assuring parents that their involvement is not only welcomed but essential for the school's continued growth.
While the secondary students enjoyed house time, Prep School students' first day was a day of wonder and excitement, meeting their new teachers and classmates and learning about their new teacher's expectations within their new year groups. They also learned how they will navigate their way along a journey of growth and development and how to prepare themselves to embrace the challenges and celebrations that they will face in the year ahead.
As the pages of the LEH Foshan School Year 2023-2024 begin to turn, we are excited to witness the growth, achievements, and triumphs that await. With renewed vigour, we embark on a journey of unity and excellence, ready to embrace the challenges and celebrations that lie ahead.