Year 8 Mums Back to School Day

Year 8 Mums Back to School Day

At LEH International School Foshan, we had the pleasure of inviting Year 8 mothers back to school last week. The Year 8 Mums Back to School Day provided a unique opportunity for parents to experience a day in the life of their children, immersing themselves in the vibrant and purpose-driven school environment.

It was a heartwarming sight to behold, as parents, many of whom were experiencing our vibrant learning community for the very first time, they engaged in classroom activities, interacted with teachers, and gained a firsthand glimpse of our dynamic curriculum and teaching approaches. This day was also about strengthening the bonds within our close-knit community. It gave parents a firsthand experience of our joyful and supportive learning environment, fostering an even deeper connection between the school, students, and their families.

Mrs Jane Arden


I am so proud of LEH, we are a community who work together to make our children’s education exceptional. Our motto, Hope Favours the Bold, demands that all of us constantly seek to go above and beyond. It is fantastic to see our parents taking this to heart. I look forward to welcoming our dads into school very soon.

Mums were also assigned a unique "homework" task, which involved sharing their own school-day experiences. Now, let's dive into their insights and reflections!


Today has undoubtedly been one of the most physically demanding days I've had in recent years. However, my mind was at ease, free from concerns about my child's school life. I had the opportunity to observe the engaging lessons and witness the students' authentic enthusiasm for learning. I was particularly delighted to discover my child's passion for Science and Mathematics. What left the deepest impression was the way teachers adeptly guided distracted students with warmth, fostering a supportive learning environment. Even after participating in eight lessons in a single day, I asked my child, 'Are you tired?' The immediate 'No' response took me by surprise. It seems that when one is truly passionate about something, fatigue becomes inconsequential. I'm grateful to the school for organising this meaningful 'Mums Back to School Day,' and I eagerly look forward to the next one. My heartfelt appreciation extends to the dedicated teachers who made this experience truly exceptional.

- Martin's Mum


Today, I had the privilege of participating in the 'Mums Back to School Day,' where I shadowed the students throughout their school day. The students engaged in a wide array of subjects, delving into topics like P.E.A. in English, 'Force' in Science, and the analysis of ancient Chinese literary texts in Mandarin. What left the strongest impression on me was the genuinely positive relationship between the teachers and their students, fostering a delightful atmosphere that allowed the children to learn in a relaxed and joyful environment. It was clear to me that this kind of joyful learning environment greatly motivates children to become more independent and self-driven in their education. Throughout the day, I observed the high academic standards upheld by the subject teachers, who demonstrated unwavering commitment to guiding the students towards proactive thinking. The students' relentless running from one class to another showcased their incredible energy and dedication. It was, without a doubt, a day filled with both busyness and fulfilment.

- Mathea's Mum

It is a great chance to have classes with our kids. During my time at LEH (although it was only for one day), I found that most of the teachers at the school care about the students and engage with them to help them receive a better education. Also, the teachers are very flexible and understanding. Most importantly, the classes are fun and interesting. The food is decent, and the staff are also very accommodating. Overall, it was a great experience!

- Ivy's Mum

I really appreciate and enjoyed the day of experiential learning at my daughter's school. I am very grateful to LEH for providing such a high-quality teaching environment, enthusiastic and responsible teachers, beautiful teaching buildings, professional teaching tools, and, more importantly, a comprehensive teaching structure. My daughter has developed a more positive learning attitude at LEH and has gained a lot on her journey to growth. I sincerely thank and bless LEH for its continuous improvement.

- Constance‘s Mum

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the 'Mums Back to School Day' at LEH Foshan. Before attending, I confess I felt a tad nervous; after all, it had been nearly 20 years since I last stepped into a school for classes. Re-entering a classroom felt like a significant challenge. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience. I immersed myself in the vibrant classroom atmosphere and revisited the playground to fully embrace the school's energy. While all the lessons in English presented a slight challenge for me, given my modest English proficiency, the teachers used concrete examples to illustrate abstract concepts, making them easily accessible. The chemistry experiments in the classroom triggered fond memories of my own chemistry class, and I couldn't help but wonder how much more I could have achieved with such a nurturing teaching environment back in my time. Moreover, the Music teacher's engaging performance in music class piqued my interest in this art form. Every lesson made a lasting impression, and the day passed pleasantly without me realising it. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have chosen LEH Foshan for my child's education because I've witnessed not only his happiness but also his academic progress during these lessons.

- Ryan's Mum


In the lessons, the students sat attentively, opened their notebooks, and diligently took notes from the slides. In Maths, we discussed the X and Y axes and then the students were asked to apply the knowledge they just learned to position the X and Y axes on a diagram and draw lines to prevent the balls from falling out of the basket. This teaching approach was refreshing, emphasising not just knowledge but also understanding and practical application… A delightful surprise was that Jacob took the initiative to dash to the music exercise room for a half-hour drum practice at lunchtime. At home, no matter how much I encouraged him, such dedication to practice was a rarity. What magic was this? The answer became clear as I ventured into one of the music exercise rooms: they were filled with an assortment of musical instruments, including pianos, violins, cellos, saxophones, and more. Here, children could practice to their heart's content, and the teacher was available for guidance as needed… In this enriching environment, I've seen Jacob not only make remarkable progress in English but also develop a more proactive and enthusiastic personality, eagerly exploring and learning about various subjects. I extend my best wishes to all the lucky students at LEH Foshan, where they enjoy an excellent learning environment and exceptional teachers!

- Jacob's Mum

Tina has been a student at LEH Foshan for nearly two years, and her growth and happiness at the school have been truly heartening. We had the privilege of partaking in various types of lessons throughout the day. Firstly, academic lessons that encompassed Geography, Science, and Mathematics. The teachers utilised diverse teaching methods, including videos, hands-on experiments, interactive games, and quizzes, to engage the students. Their enthusiasm was palpable as they actively participated, seemingly absorbing new knowledge while having fun. Next, we ventured into the Music lesson, one of the school's most captivating subjects. Here, students delved into new concepts, practised with hands-on guidance from the teachers, and even formed a mini-concert band to play a short but beautiful piece of music. The radiant smiles on the children's faces testified to their joy in the music lessons. In Physical Education, the teacher not only imparted sports skills and physical exercises but also gave opportunities for the students to experience the significance of teamwork and the gratification of success through hard work. The last two sessions were Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs), which were equally fulfilling. Children choose activities based on their personal preferences and strengths, relishing the chance to learn and showcase their talents. The delicious food in the school canteen also left a lasting impression, adding to the satisfaction of seeing my children thrive in such an exceptional learning environment.

- Tina's Mum


The Year 8 Mums Back to School Day event surpassed our expectations, and we are thrilled to have offered parents the chance to immerse themselves in the dynamic school life at LEH Foshan. This community event has strengthened our bonds and further enriched the LEH Foshan experience. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Year 8 mums, as well as all parents, for your enduring support of the LEH Foshan community. We eagerly anticipate inviting even more parents to join us at school in the near future!