The LEH Foshan Pathway to English Proficiency

The LEH Foshan Pathway to English Proficiency

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of the English Language Learning (ELL) Programme at LEH Foshan, where language education goes beyond traditional boundaries. In this article, we are excited to invite Mrs Jenny Nelson, Head of Learning Support, to share the comprehensive support and innovative programmes that define our commitment to English language learning.

Mrs Jenny Nelson 

Head of Learning Support

Mrs Nelson is our new Head of Learning Support, bringing over 15 years of diverse education experience from the UK, South Africa, South Korea, China, Peru, and UAE. Proficient in teaching English to native and non-native speakers, she covers levels from Year 1 to A Level and even university. Her dedication to teaching excellence was recognised with the Top Teacher in English award for Grade 12 from the South African Government in Johannesburg when she was teaching in South Africa. Mrs Nelson holds a Master’s Degree in Literary Linguistics from Nottingham University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Linguistics (First-Class Honours) from the University of Ulster. Additionally, she earned a Certificate in TEFL with Distinction from London Teacher Training College.


A Team of Seasoned Language Specialists

Under the leadership of Mrs Nelson, LEH Foshan boasts a dedicated team of highly qualified English language experts, each possessing extensive experience in teaching English within the international school context.

With extensive teaching experience, Ms Shelly Li emphasizes creating a supportive and engaging classroom environment, guided by her motto: "The limit of your language is the limit of your world."

We encourage you to follow us and watch for our forthcoming article, where we will introduce each member of our ELL team. Discover their rich backgrounds, unique experiences, and engaging methods, all aimed at fostering our students' success in English language learning. Stay tuned to meet the experts behind our students' achievements.

Acknowledgement of Different Learning Needs

As a school, we recognise that our students learn at different speeds and levels of success. All students joining LEHF go through different admissions assessments, including reading comprehension assessments, CAT 4, writing assessments, interviews and Oxford Placement Test to find out the student’s comprehensive abilities in English as well as their potential to learn the English language.


Support in Prep School

In the Prep School, we have a team of fantastic Teaching Assistants who support students' learning inside and outside the classroom. We have a specialist ELL teacher who also supports students within the classroom with their English Language Learning. 

We provide phonics interventions during morning registration for students who require the extra support. A buddy reading programme will begin this term between Y11 PAL students and the younger students in Prep School.

Support in Secondary School

In Secondary School, we offer pull-out sessions of a term of intensive English Language lessons for students in Key Stage 3 who need support and we also have ELL teachers who push-in to classes and support the subject teachers across Key Stage 4 and Pre-A Level. 


“Push In” & “Pull Out” Explained

The Push-In, Pull Out Support model is adopted to provide targeted English language instruction for pupils who require additional support. The basic concept is that we pull these pupils out of Humanities lessons to offer Humanities Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) based intensive English instruction until they reach a certain level of competency. Once they have achieved this level, we put them back into the classroom with in-class support until they are fully competent in English.

We run reading interventions 3 mornings a week during registration for students across KS3/Y10 and Y11 PAL. We also offer intensive phonics lessons to students who need them and will soon offer ECAs to support homework and language acquisition. We will also soon be starting secondary oracy support. 

Language Enrichment Programmes
At LEH Foshan, we believe that learning English can also be a delightful and engaging experience. In addition to lessons and interventions, we offer a diverse array of Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) that incorporate language learning. These ECAs include school newspaper, public speaking, and creative writing. Moreover, we've introduced LAMDA, developed by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, offering students a chance to boost their confidence and gain valuable experience in speech, communication, and performance.


Language Academy Programme

Before the commencement of each academic year, we organise a week-long Language Academy programme designed to assist new students in enhancing their English proficiency and preparing for the upcoming school year. Through immersive thematic learning experiences, we seamlessly blend language acquisition with real-world situations. This innovative approach allows students to apply their language skills to genuine scenarios, igniting their curiosity and fostering enthusiasm for language learning.


Every Teacher is a Language Teacher

At LEH Foshan, we believe every teacher is a language teacher, ensuring students develop English abilities while studying every subject. Language learning is a shared responsibility; the ELA specialists collaborate with subject teachers, using strategies like Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to support language development within each subject area.

At LEH Foshan, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic environment where every student can excel in English language learning and we ensure that language development is not confined to a single subject but woven into the fabric of every aspect of learning. With our comprehensive approach, students not only build their language skills but also cultivate a lifelong love for the English language, equipping them for success in an interconnected world.

If you are interested in discovering effective ways to support students in their English language learning journey, we warmly invite you and your family to join our upcoming Open Day events. You will have the opportunity to meet our experienced Headteacher and dedicated educators, gain insights into our British curriculum and innovative teaching methods, and even enrol your child in our engaging British taster lessons. We look forward to sharing our expertise and educational offerings with you!