Stimulating IGCSE Programme at LEH Foshan

Stimulating IGCSE Programme at LEH Foshan

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education, and it is based on the British curriculum (GCSE) but adapted for a more internationally focused student body. It is mostly taken by students aged 14 - 15 in Year 10 – 11 in British international schools to prepare them for further pre-university level study, such as A Levels. IGCSEs are internationally recognised as a highly respected official qualification and act as the gateway to further academic study in the UK and beyond.

At LEH Foshan, the IGCSE course is open to students aged 14 – 15 in Years 10 – 11 (also known as Key Stage 4). Our courses are stimulating, enabling students to stretch their academic interests, and pursue the subjects they have chosen, encouraging them to be intellectually and physically adventurous.


IGCSE Curriculum at LEH Foshan

During Key Stage 4 students work towards IGCSE qualifications. The courses in Years 10 and 11 are designed to provide a challenging education, allowing students to begin to specialise in certain areas of interest without sacrificing a balance of subjects and skills. In Science, English, Maths and Mandarin our more able students will begin their studies in Year 9, thus allowing them to take some exams at the end of Year 10.

IGCSE options available at LEH Foshan


Compulsory: 6-7 

  • English Language (First, Second or Foreign Language)

  • Chinese Language (First, Second or Foreign Language)

  • Mathematics

  • Sciences

  • Physical Education (non-IGCSE)

  • Personal Social Health Economics Education (PSHE) (non-IGCSE)


Optional: 3-4 


  • Art 

  • Computer Science

  • Design and Technology

  • Drama

  • English Literature

  • Geography

  • History

  • Music

  • Sports Science

  • Economics

  • Business Studies


The IGCSE curriculum is constructed specifically to ensure that our students have a broad and balanced spread of subjects. We recommend that the choices cover a good range of subjects, which will give you the flexibility necessary, whatever direction you choose in the future.

To assist in making informed choices, every student will have the opportunity to discuss subject choices with both their personal tutor and with their teachers. Our key goals are for students to maintain maximum breadth in their choices, but also to choose the subjects they enjoy most.


Experienced British Teachers

All IGCSE subjects are taught by highly qualified teachers who will guide their students throughout the course. They are adept at teaching the skills and attitudes required for successful independent learning beyond school and throughout life.

Your child(ren) will be taught by our talented teachers, 90 % of whom are British, with over 15 years of teaching experience on average, some of them are/had been examiners of IGCSE and A Level.


Mrs Jane Arden

Our Headteacher Mrs Jane Arden has over 20 years’ experience in education, and prior to this role at LEH, she has spent over 5 years working at top international schools in China as founding Deputy Principal, Director of Teaching and Learning, Head of Academics and Head of English. Under her leadership, her schools achieved outstanding IGCSE and A level results. Jane has also worked as Assistant Principal examiner for AQA English language. 


Dr Martin Kirk

Dr Martin Kirk is our Head of Science & Technology Faculty. Dr Kirk has over 25 years of experience teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics in local schools in the UK and British international schools around the world including in Thailand, Dubai, Spain and China. He is also an associate examiner of Pearson A-Level Chemistry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, both from the University of Leeds.


Mrs Deborah Kirk 

Mrs Deborah Kirk is our Head of Mathematics & Computer Science Faculty. She has taught Maths for over 30 years around the world in top international schools, including Colombia, Spain, Dubai and Bangkok. She is also an A Level Examiner.


Mr Stuart Savill

Mr Stuart Savill is the Head of Drama & Creative Arts Faculty, and Exams Officer with over 20 years of teaching experience. He has also held positions including Student Council Coordinator, and worked as a Senior Examiner and Senior Moderator for GCSE Drama. 


Mr David Hobourn

Mr David Hobourn is our Director of Music with over twenty years’ experience in music education and performance. He has been on the music examining panel of Trinity College London since 1999.


Extra-Curricular Activities

We believe that the challenge of activities outside of the normal comfort of the classroom environment is essential if students are to become unafraid to tackle new and challenging ideas, prepared to take risks, and able to learn from failure.

Academic study provides the tools for students to further their education at university, but an education for life requires far more than just book work. Whether in the Art Department, on the stage or concert hall, or on the playing field, our talented students happily balance a heavy academic load with a range of extra-curricular activities.

ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) at LEH Foshan are  mandatory as we believe developing an active, healthy lifestyle is key to supporting physical, social, and emotional health and wellbeing. We offer ECAs 2 sessions per day, from Monday to Friday including a wide range of activities and we change them termly.


Pastoral Care and Tutoring

Working alongside parents, we aim to create a safe and stimulating atmosphere for students in which learning, and achievement are championed, where being bold, becoming independent and resilient are encouraged and confidence, maturity and responsibility developed.

Students at LEH Foshan benefit from a vertical pastoral and tutoring structure that is carefully designed and well organised. This enables the school to give increased care and due attention to an individual’s pastoral and academic needs; and supports the development of community across the school.

In a vertical pastoral structure tutoring groups are made up of students from all years of the school from within the same house. This familial structure allows new students to develop alongside peers who are further along in their educational journey. Acting as role models, senior students become friends and mentors to younger students.


Career Information and Guidance

Students at LEH Foshan have a personal development programme that equips them for moving into appropriate further education and the world of work. The key focus for KS4 is to understand post-16 options and how it relates to further education and career aspirations. 

The programme is delivered through a range of means: scheduled PSHE classes, enrichment activities, assemblies, guest speakers' workshops, drop-down days, visits, Pathways events, the Careers section in the school library, and one on one meetings with the Careers Advisor.


Our First IGCSE Graduating Class

This academic year 2021-22 sees our first Y11 students graduating from IGCSE. In the next academic year, they will be studying an A Level Programme in the subjects they choose and preparing for university application. The transition into the A Level Programme will be an exciting time for these young adults as they embark on the next phrase of their academic and personal journey.


Next Step: A Level 

A Level (Advanced Level qualifications) is a prestigious British subject-based qualification for students aged 16 and above that empowers students to be independent learners and give them the opportunity to especialise in specific areas. Students study over two years, leading to qualifications recognised for entrance to universities and other higher education institutes in the UK and many other countries worldwide. 

One of the key differences is that there are no compulsory subjects with A Level. Instead, students are free to choose the topics that interest them the most or feel will benefit them for their future studies or careers. Students typically study a minimum of three subjects. Subjects include English Language & Literature, French, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Psychology, Economics, Art, Information Technology and Modern Foreign Languages such as Chinese and Spanish. 

The A Levels help prepare students for university all over the world and not only in the UK. They are a great introduction to the study habits, the rigour and the deep content knowledge required at university. In the UK they have been designed as university entrance exams, nevertheless, they are widely valued all over the world and they will allow you to have a smooth admissions process.