Open Day Review and June Event Invitation

Open Day Review and June Event Invitation

Last week, with the blessing of May mild weather, LEH Foshan held a successful Open Day and Taster Lesson event, which welcomed many prospective families to our beautiful campus.


During the event, LEH Foshan’s Headteacher, Mrs Jane Arden, delivered tailored Information Sessions for Prep School and Secondary School parents followed by a Q&A session where Mrs Arden answered the many questions interested parents had.



Parents also enjoyed an insightful school tour led by our friendly Admissions team to discover our award-winning campus, a spacious, green environment that incorporates the latest thinking in school design. They visited our well-stocked library, purpose-built classrooms, the fully equipped science laboratories, the contemporary designed assembly hall where they stopped and enjoyed a recap video of our Spring Concert, our multi-purpose sports complex with the newly opened swimming pool, and the boarding house.



Several children took part in taster lessons with our dedicated teachers in the morning, separated in two groups, Prep School and Senior School, and enjoyed English, Art and Music lessons.


English Taster Lessons


Students engaged with poetry, exploring the imagery that had been used by the poet, the message(s) behind their words and how it could inspire their own creative thoughts. Prep School students used a poem about excuses to inspire their own ridiculous & amusing reasons for not tidying their own room! Senior School students explored the difficulties of love and heartbreak and how hearts and minds may not always work together. Given the length of time they had to engage with the topics, their levels of analysis were extremely impressive. 



Music Taster Lessons


The senior students did some Samba percussion, played 'Spring' on tuned xylophones and glockenspiels, and sang 'Castle on a Cloud' from 'Les Misérables.' In the Prep School session, the students sang three songs, including 'Edelweiss' from 'The Sound of Music,' and played the Australian song, 'Kookabara' on xylophones and glockenspiels. Various theory skills were covered in the lesson, such as basic pitch and rhythm notation.



Art Taster Lessons


The Secondary School students enjoyed learning how to make clay forms and attach them. Inspired by the theme ‘Under the Sea’, students made small clay sculptures of coral reefs. Younger students had fun learning the pen and wash technique. Drawing from an image of a strawberry or butterfly they then applied watercolour, mixing colours and building layers. They then used the splatter technique to create dots, dried their work with a hairdryer and then with a black fine liner pen drew the outline and texture to create a beautiful contrast between the watery colour and fine line.



Thank you to all the families who attended our Open Day on 14 May and we trust you enjoyed yourselves at LEH Foshan last Saturday as much as we did ourselves. We are looking forward to seeing you again at our future events!



For those who couldn’t make it last Saturday, the good news is that on 11 June there will be another, last of the academic year 2021-22, School Open Day event and Taster Lessons. Don’t miss out! For more details and to sign up, please click here.



Places are limited for this event and taster lessons. Registration is mandatory. Only registered families will be allowed to attend the event.