LEHF Printmaking Masterclass

LEHF Printmaking Masterclass

LEH International School Foshan is thrilled to unveil a new and exciting opportunity for all art enthusiasts: the Saturday Master Classes - Printmaking Course. Led by Ms Helen Hayward, an experienced Art educator at LEH Foshan, an associate of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, and an award-winning printmaking artist, this course promises to ignite your artistic passion and elevate your skills. 


LEHF Student's Artworks
Whether you aspire to become a professional printmaker, want to enhance your artistic knowledge and skills, or simply wish to explore the captivating world of printmaking, our Saturday Master Classes are the perfect avenue to achieve your goals.


Who is the Printmaking Course for? 

Junior students (Year 6-9) and senior students (Year 10-13), from beginners to intermediate levels in printmaking IGCSE Art and A Level students seeking to enhance their coursework and exam projects through diverse print techniques

Each group offers between 6-8 places.


What will the students learn?

Students will learn key processes in Fine Art Printmaking. Using a theme for their starting point, or for exam students their coursework theme, students will make print ‘plates’ for monoprinting, lino, collagraph, and the senior group will include dry point etching. They will then experiment with printing from the plates using varied techniques to produce different types of prints. Students will use water and oil-based ink depending on the process and will have time to develop their work by combining media to produce a final print.

Course Date & Programme

Sessions start in November and end in April. The sessions are offered once a month, on a Saturday for 3 hours each. 

Senior Course:


Junior Course:

Course Cost

1250 RMB per 3-hour session

7500 RMB in total for the 6-session course

The Printmaking course contains 6 sessions in total. The total fee must be paid in advance.



LEHF Student's Artworks


Please scan the QR Code below to register your interest. 


About the Teachers

Ms Helen Hayward

Head of Art, Design and Computer Science Faculty

Ms Hayward, Head of Art, Design and Computer Science Faculty at LEH Foshan has been teaching Fine Art for 20 years and is a practising artist. Ms Hayward has a Master’s degree in Visual Arts: Printmaking, with Distinction, a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from The University of the Arts London, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Education, PGCE. She was awarded associate membership of The Royal Society for Painter Printmakers, United Kingdom and has won numerous other awards for her Printmaking. She has shown in many Print and Contemporary Art exhibitions including The London Print Show at The Royal Academy of Art, London, The International Print Show at the Mount Fortress Museum of Macau, The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Australia and in numerous shows at The Bankside Art Gallery- Painter Printmakers Society.

Ms Riley Zhou

Art Technician

Ms Zhou, our Art Technician at LEH Foshan, will support Ms Hayward in the Master Classes. After graduating from the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2017 with a degree in Sculpture, Ms Zhou gained valuable experience working as an art teacher and curriculum developer in various art academies. Throughout her career, she has developed a talent for engaging students in art activities and fostering a love of art among them. Ms Zhou holds a High School Fine Art Teacher Qualification Certificate, which demonstrates her commitment and professionalism to the field and her passion for art teaching.



Should you have any questions regarding the Printmaking course, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Ms Riley Zhou

Email: artmasterclasses@leh-foshan.cn