LEHF IGCSE Student's Success Story

LEHF IGCSE Student's Success Story

LEH International School Foshan takes immense pride in the outstanding achievements of our Year 11 students during their final IGCSE assessments held in May and June 2023. Despite being a small and exclusive group, the results were nothing short of remarkable.

Among the exceptional successes, one student stands out, and that is Jack. He has set a remarkable standard by achieving the highest possible grades in five of his IGCSE qualifications: Chinese First Language, Double Award Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science. In addition to these remarkable accomplishments, Jack secured two A grades in Music and English First Language, a level 8 in History, and a B in English Literature. His dedication and commitment have led to an impressive 100% A* - B performance, making him a shining example of academic excellence.

After receiving the scores, I was filled with a mixture of emotions, including relief, pride, and a deep sense of accomplishment. My initial thought was that all the hard work and revisions I had put in had truly paid off.

Jack, a founding student at LEH Foshan, joined our school from the United States over three years ago. He commenced his academic journey as a Year 9 student and completed the full 2-year IGCSE programme at LEH Foshan.

As a founding student, I've had the privilege of witnessing the school's remarkable growth. I vividly recall the time when we had just 13 students in total, attending online lessons due to the pandemic. It's truly fascinating to observe how the school has evolved over time, now having hundreds of students. One of my favourite aspects of the school is definitely the teachers' ability to make lessons both enjoyable and fun, which greatly enhances my learning journey.

In this article, we invite Jack to share his learning journey at LEH Foshan and study tips for IGCSE students. 


Learning Journey

Q: Achieving numerous A*s and As across a diverse range of subjects is quite impressive. Could you share some of the strategies and approaches you employed to accomplish this?

To earn a good grade, it's crucial to attentively participate in class and seek clarification from teachers whenever you encounter something you don't comprehend. Another helpful strategy I employ is creating flashcard decks for each topic within every subject you study.

Q: Can you describe a particularly challenging moment during your IGCSE journey and how you overcame it?

I began my coursework for both Music and English relatively late, which led to a struggle to complete them on time while maintaining their quality. However, by creating a timetable, I successfully finished both assignments before the deadlines and ensured their high quality.


Q: Teachers play a pivotal role in student success. Could you elaborate on the ways in which LEH Foshan teachers supported you in your studies and during your IGCSE exam preparation?

I owe my academic success to my teachers, as they guided me through the necessary knowledge and exam techniques, and provided assistance with my coursework. Without their support, achieving good grades would not be possible.

Q: Were there any specific teachers or mentors at LEH Foshan who had a significant impact on your academic journey, and if so, how did they influence you?

Every one of my teachers has had a profound impact on my academic journey, providing me with assistance in every possible way.

Q: What extracurricular activities or school events at LEH Foshan have you been involved in, and how do you think they contributed to your personal growth and academic success?

Over the past three years, I've actively participated in various ECAs, such as Robotics, Debate Club, Rock Group, and many more. These experiences have genuinely accelerated my personal growth and helped me uncover skills I never thought I would excel in.

Study Tips

Q: For the benefit of our current KS4 students, could you provide some valuable study tips or techniques that helped you excel in your IGCSE exams?

Remember TNFP: Take Notes, make Flashcards and do Pastpapers. (This may not be suitable for everyone, but I found it really useful in my studies).

Q: Time management is essential during the IGCSE years. How did you balance your academic commitments with your personal life and extracurricular activities effectively?

I've consistently maintained a mental daily schedule, estimating when I'll study and when I'll take breaks. While diligent work and revision are undoubtedly important, it's also crucial to allocate at least two hours of relaxation time each day to do whatever I want.


Mrs Kirk

Head of Sixth Form commented:

Jack is a great example of the LEH Foshan student. He demonstrates the 8C’s daily throughout his academic and pastoral experiences. He has been a role model for younger students always striking the right balance between his academics and his other interests. He is a leader of school and he is always present at school events ready to lend a hand or lead his peers through new events.

As Jack embarks on his journey into Sixth Form, he has chosen to pursue his passion for the sciences by selecting Maths, Biology, and Chemistry as his A Level subjects. The school community at LEH Foshan is confident that Jack's dedication, hard work, and academic prowess will continue to shine brightly as he advances in his studies. We extend our heartfelt best wishes for his future endeavours and continued success.