LEH Foshan's First Yearbook

At LEH International School Foshan, the school year 2021-22 is coming to an end. To recognise and highlight the efforts and achievements of our students and teachers throughout the year, we have collected many glorious moments and turned them into our first ever yearbook.  


Group Photo Taking

More than a Book 

A yearbook is so much more than a book. It is a picture book, capturing the action and reaction of the year through photographs. It is a history book, chronicling significant moments, events and competitions. And it is a memory book, recreating the experience of school life in words and pictures.




A Quick Glance  

The yearbook heavily features sections devoted to student engagement and accomplishments in various academic activities, sports competitions and all aspects of their busy, happy and purposeful school life. 


Yearbook as a School Experience 

The yearbooks will be distributed to all students on the last school day, 1st July 2022. There will be signing pages in the last section of the book, and we encourage students to approach others who even though they didn’t know very well this year and collect as many signatures as possible. This may help spawn new friendships or, at the very least, improve students’ interpersonal skills and remember more classmates than just their close friends.



Lifelong Entertainment 

Yearbooks not only promote a sense of school community but also provide decades of entertainment. We hope that as our students grow up and age, one day they may sit down with their old friends, pull out the yearbooks and burst into laughter flipping through pages of pictures and notes which will remind them the happy memories in LEH Foshan.