LEH Foshan Sports Days 2023 Review

LEH Foshan Sports Days 2023 Review

LEH International School Foshan recently celebrated its annual Sports Days, with separate events for the Prep and Secondary Schools. These days were not just about competition but also about embodying the school's ethos of collaboration, commitment, and the joy of sports.


Prep School Sports Day: Embracing the Fun of Sports

The Prep School Sports Day was a vibrant tapestry of fun and athletic enthusiasm. Our young learners participated in a variety of sports games, where the focus was less on competition and more on enjoying the spirit of the sport. Their excitement was palpable as they engaged in different activities, showcasing not only their emerging athletic skills but also their understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship. This event was a heartwarming display of our youngest athletes' passion for sports, demonstrating how sports can be both fun and a learning experience in teamwork and personal growth.





Secondary School Sports Day:  A Testament to Sportsmanship 





The Secondary School Sports Day was a dynamic event, showcasing a higher level of competitive spirit and athleticism. Students participated in a range of sports, demonstrating not just physical prowess but also a commendable level of sportsmanship. They embraced challenges, cheered each other on, and showed great teamwork and determination. The track and field events were particularly thrilling, with students showcasing impressive speed and endurance. This day was not just a display of physical fitness but a celebration of the students' dedication, unity, and the strong community spirit of LEH Foshan.

Both the Prep and Secondary School Sports Days at LEH Foshan were resounding successes. They beautifully reflected the school's commitment to fostering a love for sports, encouraging physical fitness, and instilling values of teamwork and sportsmanship in our students. These events were a testament to the vibrant spirit and community ethos that define LEH Foshan. A heartfelt thank you to all – students, teachers, parents, and particularly the organising committee – for making these days memorable and inspiring. Congratulations to all the participants for their achievements and for embodying the true spirit of LEH Foshan.

Sports at LEH Foshan:  

At LEH Foshan, sports and physical development are a fundamental part of our educational ethos. Our school not only hosts the annual Sports Days but also organises House sports competitions and inter-school contests. These events provide our students with ample opportunities to engage in healthy competition, develop sportsmanship, and enhance team-building skills. Alongside regular PE lessons, students can participate in a diverse range of sports extracurricular activities (ECAs), choosing from options like rugby, badminton, tennis, and running. These activities offer a balanced mix of individual and team sports, catering to a variety of interests and skill levels. Furthermore, our school teams benefit from the expertise of external professionals, allowing students to further develop their sporting talents to a higher standard. This comprehensive approach to sports at LEH Foshan underlines our belief in the importance of physical well-being as an integral component of overall student development and personal growth.