LEH Foshan Celebrates First Founder’s Day

LEH Foshan Celebrates First Founder’s Day

Embrace the Legacy, Ignite the Future

LEH International School Foshan marked a pivotal moment in its history with the celebration of its inaugural Founder’s Day on 16 November 2023. This historic event, held on the school's campus, not only reflected on the school's journey since its establishment but also highlighted its status as a beacon of international education in the Greater Bay Area.





The Founder’s Day was delighted by the presence of our major partner Trumptech Hong Kong and key government officials Dingnan Hu, Deputy Director of Foshan Education Bureau, Hui Yin, Chairman of Chancheng CPPCC, Lifen Wu, Director of Chancheng United Front Work Department, Mei Du, Deputy Chairman of Chancheng People's Congress Standing Committee, Feihu Liu, Deputy Chairman of Chancheng CPPCC, Wenzhi He, Member of Chancheng CPPCC Standing Committee, Jianghong Ji, Director of Shiwan Subdistrict, Tingchuan Zhang, Deputy Director of Chancheng Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs and Lingxi Liao Deputy Director of Chancheng Education Bureau. 
Distinguished guests from the UK, including Mrs Hanbury, former Head Mistress of LEH London and Mr Berkowitch, Finance Director of LEH International, graced the event, reinforcing the strong ties and shared educational vision between LEH Foshan and LEH London. Their attendance underscored the importance of collaborative relationships and the school's growing influence in the educational sector.

Hanbury Theatre: 

A Centre Stage for Talents

The ceremony was anchored by a special assembly in the school's theatre, now named the 'Hanbury Theatre' in honour of the long-lasting support and contribution of Mrs Hanbury.

The assembly featured captivating student performances including choir, dancing and declamations, highlighting the diverse talents of LEH Foshan's students.





The cake-cutting ceremony featured a special touch - a special cake crafted by one of our talented students. This element of the celebration not only added a sweet flavour to the festivities but also showcased the multifaceted skills of LEH Foshan's students.


Echoes of Yesterday, 

Visions of Tomorrow

A highlight of the day was the screening of the School History video. This engaging presentation took the audience on a journey through the school's inception, growth, and achievements, offering a reflective look at how LEH Foshan has thrived since its establishment.

As a symbolic gesture to the future, the school conducted a time capsule ceremony, encapsulating memorable pieces to be opened in ten years. This initiative served as a bridge between the present and the future, linking current achievements with aspirations for the years ahead.


Celebration of Unity and Community





A special “gift” from our sister school, the LEH London Concert Broadcast further symbolised the connection between the two schools, bringing together the two campuses in a celebration of unity and shared aspirations.

As the day transitioned to evening, the school community came together for a lively night, an embodiment of the close-knit and supportive environment that LEH Foshan fosters. This gathering was a vibrant mix of delicious food, melodious music, and shared laughter, illustrating the school's ethos of inclusivity and community.

Mrs Arden

Headteacher commented:

The Legacy of Lady Eleanor Holles is truly timeless; she believed education should give everyone the right to be successful. Being literate enables both academic and emotional success. At LEH in both London and Foshan and in the many languages spoken, we demonstrate that being an open-minded, kind member of society with a generous spirit is the ultimate definition of success. I hope for many many year to come we will see happy, busy and purposeful students who are unafraid to be bold in their life choices, free to explore and find ways to show kindness to one another and invite others to join them on their journey which we call life.


Mrs Hanbury

Former Head Mistress of LEH London (2014-2023)  commented:

Since the start of this project, everyone involved has worked to build positive and cooperative relationships between our two LEH schools. It is a partnership of equals, and there are many links between members of staff across both schools. Such cooperation and friendship enable both schools, their staff and their pupils to thrive and excel. I believe that building and maintaining links of friendship like those which we celebrate today, will enable our two countries to grow in understanding of one another. I offer staff, pupils and parents at LEH Foshan my very best wishes for the future. May the school grow in stature and prestige.


The Founder's Day at LEH Foshan not only celebrated the school's proud heritage but also looked forward to a future filled with educational excellence and innovation. Nestled in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, LEH Foshan continues its commitment to providing an exemplary British education to international students aged 6 to 18. We are dedicated to offering a diverse and engaging learning experience, preparing our students for success in leading universities around the world and for a life in a globally connected society. This special day was a reminder of our journey so far and a reaffirmation of our dedication to shaping the next generation of global leaders.