Celebrating LEH Foshan's First Graduate

Celebrating LEH Foshan's First Graduate

LEH International School Foshan takes great pride in celebrating the extraordinary accomplishment of Scarlett, our first graduate. Scarlett joined our school community in August 2022, commencing her journey in Year 13 of the Sixth Form. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to her for securing acceptance into several esteemed universities, truly highlighting her exceptional achievements.
Scarlett, an aspiring young musician, had her talent recognised by prestigious institutions across the UK as she received offer letters from four renowned universities: the University of Leeds, the University of Southampton, Royal Holloway University of London, and Durham University. Among these, Durham University's Music department shines with an exceptional reputation, consistently securing top rankings in the field of music education. 

According to the 2023 Complete University Guide, Durham University's Music programme achieved an impressive 2nd place ranking in the UK. Additionally, it's also worth noting that the University of Leeds, the University of Southampton, and Royal Holloway University of London are also in the Top 10 list, further highlighting the calibre of institutions that recognised Scarlett's talent.
In this article, we have the pleasure of inviting Scarlett to reflect on and share her remarkable educational journey. Let's delve into her experience and gain valuable insights from her perspective.

Q1 What subjects are you studying at A Level, and why did you choose these subjects?

I chose Music as it is a subject I am passionate about. I chose English because strong writing skills are necessary for any university. It is also useful to have another language - Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and increases employability. I felt that Geography was a good all-rounder subject as it includes scientific concepts as well as economics and useful knowledge for the future.

Q2 How have the LEHF teachers helped you with your learning and university applications? 

The teachers have helped a lot with my learning by tailoring their teaching methods to fit my learning style and target my weaknesses. Recently during the exam periods, teachers have gone out of their way to help with extra weekend revision sessions. I missed almost a year of Spanish classes last year due to COVID but after I came to LEHF, my Spanish teacher added more lessons to my timetable out of his free time to help me catch up quickly. My university application went smoothly due to the help from Mrs Kirk, which I believe helped in receiving offers quickly. 

Q3 How would you encourage prospective students to join Sixth Form at LEHF?

Being in the Sixth Form is a fantastic way to learn about British culture, as well as undertaking informal conversations to prepare for going abroad. The teachers are very supportive and know their subjects extremely well. They’re always available to provide academic and wellbeing support. 





Q4 What is a piece of good advice for students starting to apply to university?

My advice would be to start over this holiday - it is never too early to start preparing. I would encourage them to try to focus on which countries they are interested in, which subject area, and what grades they might need for the course.
During the Autumn break Scarlett visited the university so that she could see where her new home will be.




Q5 What have you enjoyed the most about your education journey so far?

I have enjoyed the achievements as well as embracing the setbacks, as they have only made me work harder. I can look back and say that I have worked hard for the results I have today which gives me a great sense of pride. I am grateful for the people who encouraged me to keep pushing myself and didn’t let me give up during difficult times. They have shaped me into the strong person I am today who has many aspirations for the future.

Scarlett's outstanding accomplishments as LEH Foshan’s first graduate highlight our institution's commitment to nurturing talent and empowering students. With exceptional academic support and guidance from the faculty, Scarlett has developed the necessary skills to pursue her passion for music. LEH Foshan takes immense pride in her success and wishes her the very best in her future endeavours as she embarks on her journey in higher education.