A Typical Day at LEH Foshan Prep School

A Typical Day at LEH Foshan Prep School

Life at LEH Foshan Prep School is a vibrant tapestry of experiences, where each day is filled with purpose, curiosity, and boundless opportunities for personal and academic growth. 

In this article, we invite you to step into the dynamic Prep School life and discover what makes it an exceptional journey for our students.

Prep Student Daily Schedule


Prepare for the Day and Register: 7:30 - 8:20 AM

Our Prep School day begins at 7:30 AM with the option of joining our boarding students for a healthy breakfast. Students then join their classroom teacher from 7:45-8:00 AM in the classroom. This time is when students and teachers can really focus on individual needs. All students must be in their classroom by 8:00 AM daily for registration with the classroom teacher and prepare themselves for the exciting day ahead.


Lessons Time: 8:20 - 11:50 AM | 12:40 - 3:40 PM





Prep School students have a full timetable of engaging thematic lessons. The timetable varies from one class or year group to another, but a consistent feature is the significant time students devote to learning under the guidance of their dedicated classroom teachers. 

It is of great pride that all our classroom teachers are British and have extensive experience in educating young minds. They are responsible for teaching a wide spectrum of subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science, Topic (including Humanities subjects like Geography and History) and PSHE. Art lessons in Year 2 are also conducted by classroom teachers. 

Our British curriculum takes a thematic approach, connecting various subjects into a cohesive learning experience. This integration allows students to explore diverse topics such as communities, rainforests, and energy use across multiple subjects, fostering a deeper understanding and promoting collaborative learning. For example, our "Me, Myself, and I" theme explores self-identity through language, science, and art. Students not only expand their vocabulary but also gain a holistic understanding of their own bodies and how they relate to self-portraiture and physical activity.





Beyond classroom teachers, our students also learn from specialist teachers in subjects like Art, Music, PE, swimming, Chinese, and Spanish. This diverse exposure fosters holistic development and provides a strong academic foundation for future learning.

Breaktimes and Playtimes: Morning Break, 10:20 - 10:50 AM | Afternoon Break, 3:40 – 4:00 PM





预备部的课间休息在每天早上10:20 和下午 3:40开始。学生们可以在这段时间里吃点心,与朋友一起玩耍,或者打理预备部的小花园。休息时间是学生一天中的重要组成部分,有助于促进学生的社交能力发展,培养他们的幸福感。

Lunch Break: 11:50 AM - 12:40 PM

Lunch is always a delightful event at LEH Foshan Prep School. Our experienced chef designs a nutritious menu to ensure students receive the essential nutrients they need. Child-friendly dining tables, chairs, and lightweight cutlery enhance the dining experience, making it comfortable and enjoyable. After lunch, students also have time for games and activities in the play area, where they continue to have fun with friends.

Outdoor playtime matters!

Playtimes are a wonderful key moment of Prep School life, ensuring that students return to classrooms with happy faces. Also, observations show that our students display better behaviour when they are given their share of playtime. Having time out allows students to unwind, forget their worries, and refresh themselves for focused learning. The benefits of play extend seamlessly into the classroom and align with our thematic curriculum. With three daily sessions—morning, lunchtime, and afternoon—unstructured play fosters bonds between students of all year groups. This year, we have enhanced our outdoor facilities, guaranteeing even more fun during playtimes.


Daily Extra-Curricular Activities: 4:00 - 5:50 PM





Prep School students love Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). They can choose one ECA that aligns with their interests, allowing them to explore their passions, whether in arts, languages, sports, or music. Additionally, there is the Homework Club, a teacher-supervised session where students review their daily lessons and work on homework.

Throughout the year, LEH Foshan hosts various events, from concerts and musical productions to sports competitions. These events add vibrant colours to school life, fostering a sense of community and accomplishment among students.


Supper & Boarding: from 5:50 PM

Our Prep School offers a boarding programme that opens its doors to students seeking an enriching and structured boarding experience. Boarders can enjoy a delicious supper at school, followed by supervised evening study sessions and engaging social activities in our comfortable boarding house.





LEH Foshan Prep School commits to offering a vibrant and enriching educational experience for all students. We hope that this exploration of life at LEH Foshan Prep School has offered you some insights into our educational environment and daily experiences.
We extend an invitation for you to consider your child to join our school community as a valued member, where each day presents a dynamic journey of learning and personal growth. Join us at LEH Foshan Prep School and embark on a path to a brighter future.