24 June | Meet the Head of Prep School

24 June | Meet the Head of Prep School

LEH Foshan Prep School will be open in the next academic year in August 2022 to extend our top-quality British education for younger students of Year 4 - 6 (age 8 - 10) and to prepare them for the full British Curriculum as they progress to key stage 3.

To introduce LEH Foshan Prep School, the school has invited Mrs Mandy Bateman to hold a special online Info Session where she will provide current and prospective parents with crucial information about the curriculum, pastoral care system and other details. Register now!

Date & Time: 16:00 - 17:00, Friday, 24th June

Livestream Platform: WeChat Video Channel

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Mrs Mandy Bateman

Head of LEH Foshan Prep School 

Mrs Bateman is a well-experienced school educator and leader with 23 years of experience in the UK, Portugal, and Egypt. Her journey in education has been varied, starting as a class teacher, and working in many different educational settings. In 2009 she set up an independent school in the UK as the founding Headteacher and she has been in leadership roles, ever since. In her last position, Ms Bateman worked as a Headteacher of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Primary 6 form entry school at a well-regarded British International School in Cairo, Egypt. She holds a BA in Education from Staffordshire University, a PGCE from Edge Hill University and a MA SEN from Education Cambridge UK.


Prep School Introduction Highlights

  • Curriculum and Daily 
  • Extra-Curricular Activities 

Here at LEH Prep School, we will offer unique enhanced learning experiences whilst still delivering the full requirements of the English National Curriculum. We will do this through exciting and informative personalised learning in the classroom. Alongside extra-curricular activities to support and enrich all students using highly dedicated and trained teachers. There will be a classroom teacher, who prepares and plans all the lessons, supported by their teaching assistant and a language teacher.

Join the information session to learn more about the subjects offered in Prep School, ECAs and how the teachers work together to deliver our top-quality British education to your young child(ren).

  • English Learning Support Programme

At LEH Foshan, we understand our students come from a variety of countries and regions where English may not be the first language. Hence the English Language Learning (ELL) programme was introduced to help our English learners to develop the language skills they needed to access our full British curriculum and to reach the English requirement for university entrance.

In Prep School, there will be language teachers in the classroom to support the class teacher to deliver lessons. Students will also benefit from the customised Language Acquisition Plan (LAP) and the Passport to Oracy designed by Mrs Jane Arden, our Headteacher but also a well-experienced English teacher. Join the information session to learn more details!


  • Pastoral Care 

In Prep School, pastorally we will nurture remarkable young men and women with focus on four keywords - Hope, Opportunity, Challenge, and Friendship. We will provide excellence in teaching and foster a love of learning as the key to succeeding in life. In a supportive, positive, and caring environment our teachers and our learners will be fully committed, focused on the task ahead, passionate in overcoming obstacles and alive for a challenge.

Join the information session to learn more about our pastoral care system and our pastoral approaches to cultivate excellent future leaders from a young age.


  • School Life 

What does the daily schedule of Prep School students look like? Will they eat well? Is it a good idea to send your young child(ren) to board? What is the House system and how does it work?...

*Boarding option available to Prep School Students.

In this section, you will find out every detail including school meals, boarding and the House system, that enriches your child(ren)’s school experience.


  • Q&A Time 

At the end of the information session, there will be a Q&A section where parents will have the opportunities talk to Mrs Mandy Bateman and ask any questions they have in mind about Prep School at LEH Foshan.

Don’t miss out the great opportunity to hear from Mrs Mandy Bateman and learn more about LEH Foshan Prep School! Reserve the information session (livestream) now!

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