Welcoming our Founding Students

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Dear Students, Parents, Teachers and Support Staff


I am delighted to welcome you as founding members of the LEH Foshan community today. I look forward to getting to know you all much better as we enter the new school year, the first year for us all at LEH Foshan. Opening a new school takes commitment, drive, passion and perseverance, but the past eight months have forced us to dig even deeper, think more creatively and leave no stone unturned in bringing a project as ambitious as LEH Foshan to fruition. 


Thankfully, we have truly lived up to our LEH motto, Hope Favours the Bold. We have shown hope, we have been bold, and I know you will all be delighted by the results, ensuring that you, our students, receive the very best education taught by the finest British teachers in the very best facilities.


You as students and parents have been bold in choosing a brand-new school and in choosing a school at this founding stage you have shown faith and hope. You have chosen an exciting and joyful new option for your child’s education and understood the value of an education that enables your child to achieve whatever they set their minds to, an education where academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with challenges, adventure and resilience that will prepare them for the challenges of life beyond school.


Each new school year brings new opportunities, new hope and new excitement. I know you are all waiting keenly to see your new school buildings and you will, soon. We remain committed to face-to-face teaching and we will move to on-site learning as soon as circumstances allow. In the meantime, all of our teachers have been working hard to ensure that your online lessons will be active, engaging and fun – but also challenging and thought provoking. You will receive the same high standard of teaching and care that you will when you are on site. You will be challenged to be curious and creative to show craftsmanship to develop the highest standards of work. 


You will be supported with care and compassion throughout to ensure that each and every one of you can achieve more than you thought possible – and while you will work hard, we do not believe in making you work every hour of the day. We do believe in fun and the benefits of balance and learning outside of the classroom. This will be harder while we are working online and we will need you as students to use your voice to communicate with us; tell us what is working well and how it could be even better.


LEH Foshan has been founded on the blueprint of one of England’s oldest and most innovative schools. Like our sister school in London UK, LEH Foshan will combine impressive intellectual endeavour with engagement in a rich variety of pursuits beyond the classroom. As students, you will benefit from a positive environment where quiet self-confidence, courage and optimism ensure you develop a joyful approach to learning.


Through an exciting, innovative curriculum that focuses on how you learn rather than what you learn you will develop curiosity, optimism and determination. Through teamwork and collaborative learning, we will encourage you to work to achieve common understanding and the importance of collaboration and communication. One thing is for certain, each day will be a new adventure and no day will be dull.


We believe technology plays an important part in education. We want you to have this technology where you need it when you need it and, thanks to our partnership with Huawei, our campus will have fast wi-fi throughout. When you arrive at school we will provide you with a school lap-top. On this lap-top you will have all the tools you need to work and you will also have a large number of your textbooks – no heavy bags of books, no leaving your book behind and full access to a world of hyperlinks that will bring each topic to life. 


Although technology is important, we place a large emphasis on social interaction – on talking and asking questions. Talking in class is really important: improving your understanding by testing out your ideas, asking questions and rehearsing what you will write are essential. But isolation caused by the COVID lockdown has taught us the importance of time spent with others, of friendship and laughing together. We want you to enjoy school and we want to hear your voices.


Today is the first step in our journey together. I look forward to many happy conversations – in the classroom, in the recital hall, on the sports field or in the corridor. Wherever we meet please do share your stories with me. 


This is your education and I want you to be able to make it the best education for you. Let me know the best thing that has happened and let me know what you would like to improve. LEH is a place of innovation and improvement and you are encouraged to help shape the future of your school.


All the best wishes for the weeks ahead. There will be some wrinkles along the way, but these provide more opportunities to learn and problem solve.


Steve Allen 


  • LEH Foshan
Teacher and Students