Boarding Life

Supervised Evening School

Evening school runs Monday to Friday from 7 pm – 9 pm. A member of teaching staff will be present throughout to supervise and support.

Evening school is also open to our day boarders; parents must request the administration team for arrangements.

All boarders will attend evening school sessions.

Social Life

In addition to the wide range of Extra-Curricular Activities arranged by the School, students can also benefit from evening and weekend activities. These include movie nights, games evenings, field trips, walks, specialist activities and many more.

There are structured activities scheduled for weekends, including trips to the cinema, walks, educational workshops and themed evenings!

  • in social areas on 5th Floor:for example board games, movie nights, birthday parties
  • Weekend activities (for termly boarders...):for example sports, residence outdoor tour...


Boarding Services

  • Cleaning

Rooms will be cleaned weekly, regular checks by Matron and the cleaners will also occur throughout the week.

Deep cleans will take place during the school holidays. 

Students are asked to maintain the cleanliness of their room and keep their belongings tidy. 

  • Laundry

Beds are stripped on a Friday morning and sent to be laundered. Students should make their beds upon the receipt of new bedding.

Students’ laundry days are a Tuesday and a Thursday. Weekend boarders may also send items for laundering on a Friday.

  • Health Care

On Floor 6 of the boarding house, the medical centre has two resident nurses who provide round-the-clock assessment and care for minor injuries and illnesses.


Boarding Post - by House Parent


Trial Boarding

LEH Foshan students have the opportunity to trial our boarding provision, should they have an interest; to find out more about our boarding programme, please contact our Admissions Team. 

Book a Boarding Trial

Pastoral Care

New Students

Students will be allocated a room once the Admissions Officer has informed the Boarding Parents and made the necessary arrangements.

We understand that when students are new to boarding, they will need help and guidance in the first few weeks. Therefore, we take care to ensure that the first few days are as comfortable and stress-free as possible by having ‘buddies’ who show students the different rules and practices of boarding. Staff will also be on hand and will arrange a time for discussion within the first week.