Boarding Facilities


When students join LEH Foshan, they will share an en suite room with students of the same age. The modern design of the rooms will ensure they have privacy, space to work individually or collaboratively while providing the support and facilities to ensure the students need only focus upon their learning. 

Common Rooms in each House will ensure students have space to relax and socialise in their free time and will help integrate students and develop House spirit. While 3 meals a day will be provided in the Dining Hall, kitchenettes will allow students to make hot drinks and snacks at other times. 

The supportive ‘House’ environment, the wealth of activities,  regular exercise, good diet and sleep, top quality medical care and a consistent focus upon our values, combined with the experience of our staff and expert guidance from LEH UK will help us to achieve joyfulness and well-being. 


Prep School Boarding House



Prep School Boarding House

All rooms in the Prep Boarding House are Quadruple rooms. These are for our younger students (Years 2 - 6) and have been meticulously designed with our younger students in mind. Instead of loft beds for Secondary students, we have opted for ground-level beds and accessible storage to ensure both convenience and safety. The spacious layout encourages play and exploration, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for rest and creative activities. In addition, these rooms are equipped with two bathrooms consisting of a shower, toilet, sink, and storage area. 




Secondary School Boarding House

Quadruple Rooms 

  Quadruple rooms in the Secondary Boarding House are for our younger students (Years 7 - 10); each student will have a cabin bed with storage – an area to hang garments and three drawers. The bed comes with a built-in desk and an additional chair. A night light is also supplied. In addition, these rooms are equipped with two bathrooms consisting of a shower, toilet, sink, and storage area.   


Double Rooms


Double rooms are for Year 11-13 students; each student will have a bed with storage beneath it, and additional storage in the form of a single wardrobe is provided. In addition, the room has a desk and an extra chair. A night light is also supplied. These rooms are equipped with a bathroom consisting of a shower, toilet, sink, and storage area. 



Common Areas



Prep School

The Prep Students' social room on the fifth floor is a hub of activity and relaxation. This well-appointed space includes a variety of board games and toys, a table tennis and pool table for lively competition, and a colourful play area. A television is also available for movie nights and karaoke sessions. 

A Wellbeing Room is introduced in Prep School Boarding House, recognising the emotional challenges that young children might face when adapting to boarding life. This space is for students who need emotional support or a quiet moment away from the hustle and bustle of school life.  






Secondary School

Common areas include social rooms, and evening school study rooms are located on the fifth floor. 

  • The social room is a pleasant space boasting ample comfortable seating, a large television (previous: 2 TVs), a pool table, a fuse ball table, a large connect four game, and a large selection of board games. 
  • Social events take place in the social room, including monthly birthday parties, festive celebrations, Karaoke, and movie evenings. 
  • The study room in is a large room with desks provided for all Years 7–9 students; Years 10-13 students may work from their bedrooms to prepare for external examinations. 
  • Kitchenettes are located on the fifth floor; they are equipped with cups, mugs, cutlery, and a selection of dishes; there is a sink, fridge, and water dispenser. 
  • Regular meetings with boarders will be held where they can share their experience of boarding life at LEH Foshan, raise issues, make suggestions, and voice complaints. 





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