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Types of Boarding at LEH Foshan

Termly Boarding

Students who board full-time benefit not only from the usual supervised study schedule and weekday activities, but they can also enjoy a selection of weekend opportunities including learning new skills, trips out and many, many more.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding offers our students the opportunity to enjoy boarding life, additional time for evening school and evening events. This option is ideal for those students with a longer commute into school.

Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding offers students and parents the opportunity of boarding for just a few nights per week or for a week or two each month. This option is ideal if parents travel regularly or for a taste of boarding life at LEH Foshan.

Support Boarding

This option is for ad-hoc boarding, for parents if they are needed to go away on business or international travel. This is a great opportunity for students to sample life as a boarder.

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Students are openly invited to trial our boarding provision should they have an interest; please contact our Admissions Team at

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