Benefits of Boarding

Discover the Benefits of Boarding at LEH Foshan

Attending a boarding school means venturing into something unfamiliar, a new adventure. Boarders are not alone on this journey; other boarders will be experiencing similar thoughts and feelings which brings boarders together, forging friendships for a lifetime.



Below are some of the key benefits our students enjoy at LEH Foshan:

  • Boarding builds a strong community and sense of belonging amongst students living, working and playing together.
  • Boarding builds a solid foundation for life as student progress to university.
  • Boarding offers a full day of learning and teacher-supervised evening school.
  • Extended days of learning and activities
  • Boarding builds resilience and perseverance in students in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Boarding offers a clear, regular and reassuring communication between teachers and parents.
  • Students can learn to be independent in a safe and secure environment.

The boarding environment is an education in and of itself, living within a community; students learn that learning within the boarding environment is just as valuable as what they are learning in the classroom. Boarding allows students to take responsibility for their actions, experience personal growth, become more mature, compassionate, and cooperative as a team players, and develop self-confidence and essential life skills which lead to independence.

One of the benefits of boarding is the relationships forged not only with peers but with members of staff. The setting allows students to get to know our members of staff well, in many different settings, be it in the boarding house, in the classroom, on trips or excursions, or during extra-curricular activities. Seeking academic assistance is also widely available.

Life in the boarding house is structured around a well-executed routine; however, boarders also have the time for reflection and re-evaluation, time to relax to help them thrive and maintain a reasonable work/life balance, forging life-long friendships.


Many parents ask:

Why send my child to boarding school? Wouldn't they do just as well attending day school?

We appreciate that it is not the most straightforward process on deciding on education for your child; to board, or not to board, is another crucial question! Over the next few weeks, we will be answering some frequently asked questions on boarding at LEH Foshan in an attempt to help you make this process a little easier!

There are so many reasons why attending boarding school is a good idea. There is the rigour of a well-thought-out routine, but this also assists them with their time management and organisation skills, preparing them for their next leap.  Research has shown that students who have experienced boarding life settle better into university.

Students staying for evening school and over the weekends also have more access to staff. Over the weekends, several staff members on duty can help them with anything troubling them, assist them with their homework, or lead a fun activity!

By sending your child to boarding school, you will see an improvement in their social skills. Interacting with their roommates encourages friendship, improving their English and teaching them valuable teamwork skills.

Independence is something we have already looked at in the ‘Benefits to Boarding’ in this issue, but, in addition to this, we must also consider the life skills that the students are taking away from living independently. They are making their beds; they are managing their own time of an evening; they are learning how to prepare for the world outside of school – sorting their laundry, tidying their areas, taking responsibility for their work, their appearances. This should be commended, something that aids them in becoming well-rounded global citizens.