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LEH Foshan Boarding Programme - Mission

LEH International School Foshan aims to provide a home from home, high-quality boarding experience within a safe, secure, caring, happy and comfortable environment in a positive, trusting and encouraging atmosphere. To promote the development of good character and confidence through the promotion and a healthy balanced lifestyle whilst providing guidance and support enabling students to thrive academically, socially, morally and culturally - to reach their full potential/ to become leaders of the future/ to leave prepared for an everchanging world/ to leave as responsible young adults destined for greatness.


General Introduction

Boarding students at LEH Foshan develop a new level of independence, resilience and confidence. As well as benefiting from a full timetable of academic subjects, they also enjoy a strong programme of extra-curricular activities and teacher-supervised Evening School (time in the evening for home learning).

Head of Boarding

Mr Steve Banks

Mr Steve Banks, besides his roles as Head of Geography, is also the Head of Boarding at LEH Foshan. He was once the Pastoral and Safeguarding Leader and Assistant Headteacher for 13 years in a UK boarding school and his previous senior leadership roles have provided him with whole school responsibilities including pastoral provision. Over recent years, he had worked in a well-established and successful boarding school in Thailand as Head of Geography and the key worker within the boarding school community.

Welcome from the Head of Boarding

Boarding at LEH Foshan provides a ‘home away from home’ experience, where each student’s happiness, well-being and success is paramount. Day or full-time boarding options exist for students from Year 4 - 13 (8 - 18 years old).

In boarding, students successfully combine impressive intellectual endeavour with enthusiastic engagement well beyond academia. The priority in boarding is to provide the best pastoral care for all children, ensuring students thrive academically, socially, morally and culturally. Life in boarding provides fantastic opportunities where students can develop self-confidence, courage, independence, and optimism to achieve their personal goals.

Boarders are engaged in a wide range of after-school activities as well as a well-structured study routine which allows them to complete homework in a supportive and focused environment. Our impressive purpose-built campus facilities are available after school and at the weekend, and boarders also enjoy regular trips off campus.

The boarding team here at LEH Foshan extend a warm welcome to all boarders and their families. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the LEH Foshan community soon.

House Parent

Mr David Richards 

Mr Richards has worked previously within international boarding houses; he is looking forward to developing team spirit within the boarding houses.

House Parent

Mrs Carolyn Jones 

Mrs Jones is currently completing her Leadership in Boarding certificate with the Boarding School Association, having worked in other international boarding schools, she is looking forward to working at LEH Foshan and helping students on their journey to independence.

Mr Banks, Mr Richards and Mrs Jones all live onsite; they are available if you have any questions, queries, or conversations when you arrive and as you move forward. In addition, they can often be found in and around the boarding house, joining in with your evening and weekend activities and regularly sitting for lunch, dinner, or supper with students.

Our main task is to ensure that the boarding houses run smoothly and the students are provided with a safe and friendly environment. Parents should take some comfort that House parents act in loco parents.


Ms Betty Liang   Matron   

Mr and Ms Jones are joined by Matron, Ms Betty Liang who joins us from a pastoral background. She is very much looking forward to working with all of the students here at LEH Foshan.

Matrons support the Boarding Houseparent in the pastoral care of the boarders, ensure the smooth running of the house, including laundry, housekeeping, overseeing the personal appearances of boarders, and liaising with boarding staff about specific issues.


Boarding Facilities

When students join LEH Foshan, they will share an en suite room with students of the same age. The modern design of the rooms will ensure they have privacy, space to work individually or collaboratively while providing the support and facilities to ensure the students’ need only focus upon their learning.

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Boarding Life

Boarding students at LEH Foshan develop a new level of independence, resilience and confidence. As well as benefiting from a full timetable of academic subjects, they also enjoy a strong programme of extra-curricular activities and teacher-supervised Evening School (time in the evening for home learning).

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Types of Boarding at LEH Foshan

Termly Boarding

Students who board full-time benefit not only from the usual supervised study schedule and weekday activities, but they can also enjoy a selection of weekend opportunities including learning new skills, trips out and many, many more.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding offers our students the opportunity to enjoy boarding life, additional time for evening school and evening events. This option is ideal for those students with a longer commute into school.

Flexi Boarding

Flexi boarding offers students and parents the opportunity of boarding for just a few nights per week or for a week or two each month. This option is ideal if parents travel regularly or for a taste of boarding life at LEH Foshan.

Support Boarding

This option is for ad-hoc boarding, for parents if they are needed to go away on business or international travel. This is a great opportunity for students to sample life as a boarder.

Trial Boarding

LEH Foshan students have the opportunity to trial our boarding provision, should they have an interest; to find out more about our boarding programme, please contact our Admissions Team. 

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