Scholarships & Awards

Building on the long and innovative traditions of our sister school, LEH Foshan has been founded to provide an English language education for international secondary students across the Greater Bay area of Guangdong Province and beyond. Like our sister school in Hampton UK, LEH Foshan combines academic excellence with engagement in a rich variety of pursuits beyond the classroom. World class universities and employers expect students to be able to think critically, be self-disciplined, learn independently and illustrate excellent leadership potential. We provide students with the opportunities to fulfil these expectations; our curriculum has been adapted by our talented teachers to ensure that it is stimulating, truly international and prepares students for the World beyond school. 

Our Scholarship and Award programme has been designed to recognise and support particularly gifted and talented students. 

Support comes in two forms:
  1. The provision of activities and opportunities to allow students to develop and grow their individual gifts and talents; and

2. Significant financial support to enable students to broaden their experience beyond School. Award holders will be able to request further financial assistance in the form of a means-tested Bursary.



Students not currently admitted to LEH Foshan:

  • With high English proficiency
  • Who intends to graduate from LEH Foshan at the end of Year 13
  • With demonstrable academic ability or talent in Art, Drama, Music or Sport
  • Who holds a foreign, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan passport


Maintenance of Scholarships and Awards 

Scholarships and awards are normally awarded for the duration of the holders’ time at LEH Foshan. Both come with the expectation of student’s maintaining commitment both to the school and to their studies. In particular, we expect students to maintain:

  • Full attendance other than for illness or absence authorised by the Head Master
  • Exemplary behaviour and attitude
  • Engagement in School as a positive role model and student leader
  • High academic standards
  • Full participation in the life of the School including trips and activities


Awards and Application Process

Students wishing to be considered for an Award must already be registered with the School and have passed the entrance examinations. Students wishing to be considered for an Award should indicate this at the time of registration. Awards will be considered throughout the year for suitably qualified students.

Students will be considered for Awards on the basis of this assessment alongside documents to show their aptitude and an interview or audition. All aspects of the application and assessment carry equal weight and will be taken into account during the decision-making process. Award holders are expected to be supportive and positive members of the School community, to be excellent role models for their peers and to be potential student leaders. They should expect to graduate to University from the School at the end of Year 13.


Dr Wai San Sam Cheung Memorial Scholarship

Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan is proud to offer its Prestigious Annual Award for Excellence, the Dr Wai San Sam Cheung Memorial Scholarship.

The Scholarship recognises the values of The Institution of Engineering and Technology, of which Dr Cheung was a much loved and respected Fellow, for Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork.

Despite his many personal and professional Awards, Dr Cheung's greatest achievement was in mentoring young people; sharing his experience, wisdom and fundamental belief in the value of education and lifelong learning. These strong beliefs led him to taking a pivotal role in the establishment of LEH International School Foshan.

Dr Cheung's legacy lives on through the Dr Wai San Sam Cheung Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded annually to a student demonstrating the same values of academic achievement, a commitment to helping others and a desire to become a dynamic and global-minded leader.

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Dr Wai San Sam Cheung Memorial Scholarship