Assessment & Offers


Once the application form has been received it will be reviewed and if the Selection Criteria have been met, then the applicant will be invited into School for assessment. Where applications have to be made from overseas, provision can be made for the assessment tests to be taken in the student’s current school and invigilated under examination conditions (at cost to the parents). 

The assessment process varies according to the age of the student and the entry point into the School.

Ages: 10 - 13 (Years 6 - 9)
  • Interview with student and parents
  • Online assessment: Aptitude test, Mathematics, reading and writing in English
  • Assessment by an EAL Specialist if English is not the first language
Ages: 14 - 15 (Years 10 - 11)
  • Interview with student
  • Online assessment tests: Aptitude test, Mathematics, reading and writing in English
  • Assessment by an EAL Specialist if English is not the first language

Ages: 16 - 18 (Years 12 - 13) 
  • Interview with student
  • Formal evidence of Public Examination qualifications
  • Testing for confirmation, if appropriate, in subject specific areas

The marking of all assessments is undertaken by a team of trained teachers. To help with the assessment, the School may make contact with an applicant’s current or former schools to help substantiate data generated by the formal testing procedure. 

We understand how important it is to hear back in a timely way, once the assessments and interviews have taken place. We commit to getting back to you within seven (7) working days to let you know the decision of our LEH Review Committee. Please note that all our communication will come via email. Please ensure that we have the contact details which you check most regularly.


Typically, you will receive one of the following replies:

Offer of a Place:

The letter will include details of your child's assessment, their starting year group and the proposed start date. 

Offer of a Conditional Place:

A Conditional Offer is made when the Review Committee feels that a student would benefit from joining the school, but does not quite meet our selection criteria. In this case, we will make on offer conditional on the student meeting certain targets.

Offer of a Place on the Waitlist:

Where a student meets the selection criteria, but we are full the student’s year group, we will make an offer of a place on our waitlist.

Unable to Offer a Place:

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer places to all students. Where we feel that we cannot offer the right level of support, or where they do not meet our selection criteria, we will contact the parent to explain why we are unable to offer a place.

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