Admissions Policy & Process


Our Admissions Team aims​​ to​ support families​ who​ ​want​ to​ ​be​ part ​of​ our joyful and innovative community​​ of​ ​learning. Our Admissions​ ​Process​ is rigorous, transparent​ and​ ​​fair, and​ it​ is​​ our​ aim​ to ​welcome students who​ will​ ​benefit ​from the​ ​impressive range​​ of​ activities​ and​ facilities​ available at LEH Foshan. 


The​ aims​ of​ this​ policy​​ are to:​

  1. Provide​ clarity​ to​ parents​​ on​​ admissions’ criteria​​ and​​ procedures​ prior​​ ​to application; 
  2. Publicise​ selection criteria​ that​ are​ consistent​ and​ ​fair​ to​​ all​ ​applicants; and,
  3. Help​ identify​ applicants:​
  • whose​ academic​​ and​​ other​​ abilities​​ match​​ the​ ethos​ and​​ standards of​​ ​the School
  • whose​ personal​​ qualities​ suggest​ ​that they​​ have​​ the​ potential​ to contribute​ well ​to the​​ School​​ community​ and​ ​to​ ​benefit​ from​​ ​the​ many​ opportunities ​offered.


Deciding​ on​ the​​ right​ school​ is​ critically​ important​ for ​all​ parents. We recommend a​ttending one of our regular Parent Information Sessions before​ ​applying to​​ ensure that our school​ is​ the​​ ​right choice for you. ​The​ Admissions​ Team​​ is​ ​always​ keen​ to​ meet​ families​ from​ ​all​ backgrounds​​ to​ discuss ​whether​ ​a​ ​student’s​ needs​​ ​and​ aspirations can​ be​​ supported​ at LEH Forshan, so please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Entry Points

  • The School accepts​ applications​ throughout​ the​ school​ year ​for​ entry​ into all​ of​ our ​year​ groups,​​ although​ offers​ of​​ places​ are​ dependent upon​ ​successful assessment​ and​​ place availability.​ Year​​ ​groups are​ determined​​ by​ age​ on​ the​​ ​1​st September​ of​ each​​ academic year.​ ​ Students​ are​ assigned​ to year​​ ​groups according to​​ their​ date​​ of​ birth.​
  • Although the​​ School​​ is​ flexible​ on​ entry​ points​ ​during​ a​ School​ year,​ parents​ ​are strongly​ encouraged​ to​ apply​ as​ ​far​ in advance​ as​ possible​ as​ places​ ​are dependent on​ availability.​ ​  
  • Applications to Year 11 will be to a special 3-year Advanced Level programme in the first instance.
  • Applications to​​ Year​ 13​ can​ only​ be​ accepted​ under​ ​exceptional circumstances​ on​ ​ account​​ of​ the​​ syllabus​ requirements​​ for​ public​ examinations.​  


Selection Criteria

LEH Foshan is a​ ​selective ​school.​​ We​​ assess​ all​ students​ with​​ ​great care​ to​ ensure​ that​ they​ will​ thrive​ in​ our​ environment.​  The​ selection​ criteria​​ for​​ each​ entry​ ​point are:​    

Year 8 to Year 11 (12 to 16 years old)

  • Ability to​ access the​ ​whole​ curriculum​ in​ English​
  • Evidence​ of​ broad​ curriculum​ ​knowledge
  • Age ​appropriate​ levels​ in​ ​Mathematics
  • Excellent first​ language​ proficiency
  • Ability​ to​ interact​​ positively​ and​​ confidently​ ​with adults​ ​and ​other students
  • Enthusiasm ​and​ ​passion​ to​ contribute​ ​to​ the​ School​​ community

Year 12 to Year 13 (16 to 18 years old)

  • Evidence of​​ high​ academic​​ achievement​
  • Evidence ​of​ ​broad​ ​curriculum​ knowledge
  • Excellent​ first​ language​​ proficiency​
  • Ability ​to​ interact​​ positively​ and​​ confidently​ ​with​ adults​ ​and ​other students
  • Enthusiasm and​ passion​ ​to​ ​contribute​ ​to​ ​the​​ School​​ community  


Admissions ​Criteria​

The ​ preconditions​ for​ admission​ are:​

  • The ​applicant​​ is​ of​ the​​ appropriate​ age​​ and​​ sufficient​ ​maturity​
  • Students ​have​​ successfully​ ​satisfied​ ​the​ ​selection​ ​criteria​
  • There is a​​ place​​ available​ in​​ the​​ appropriate​​ year​ ​group
  • Parents ​accept​ in​ ​writing​ ​the​​ ​School​ Terms​​ &​ ​​Conditions


Admissions & Assessment Process

Following a​ successful​ school​ visit,​ ​parents​ are asked​​ to​ complete​​ the​ application​ ​form which should​​ be​​ submitted​ alongside​ the​​ requested​ supporting​​ documents​ and​ application ​fee.​

If the​ applicant​​ has​ any​ special needs or​​ disabilities, ​parents​ must​ notify the​ school​ at​ this stage​ and​​ provide​ the​ school​ with​ full​ written​ ​details​ and​​ reports​ as​ prepared​ ​by​ an Educational ​Psychologist​ ​or​​ other​​ appropriate​ specialist​ where​​ available.​ ​Parents​ ​​should be aware​ that​​ the​ school​ reserves​ the​ right​ to​ ​withdraw​ a​​ place​ from​ a​​ prospective​ or current ​student​​ when​ special​ needs​​ or​ disabilities​​ have​ not been​​ ​disclosed.

Once the​​ application​​ form​​ has​ ​been received​ it​ will​ be​ reviewed​ and if​​ the​ Selection Criteria​ have​ been​ met, then​​ ​the applicant will​ be​ invited​​ into​ School​ for assessment.  Where​ applications​ have​ ​to​ be made​ from​​ overseas,​ provision​​ can​ ​be made​ for​ the assessment​ tests​ to be​​ taken​ in​ ​the student’s​ current​ school​ and​​ invigilated under​ examination ​conditions (at cost to the parents).​ ​

The assessment​​ process​ varies​​ according​ to the age​​ of​​ ​the​ student​ and​​ the​​ entry point into ​the​​ School.​  

Years 8 to 9 (12 to 13 years old)

  • Interview with student​ and​ parents
  • Assessment tests:​ Aptitude​ ​test, Mathematics, reading​ ​and​ ​writing​ ​in​ English
  • Assessment by​ an​ EAL​ Specialist​​ if​ English​ is​ not​ the​ first​ ​language 

Years 10 to 11 (14 to 15 years old)

  • Interview with student
  • Assessment​ tests:​ Aptitude​ test, Mathematics, reading​ ​and​ writing​ ​in​ English
  • Assessment​ by​​ an​ EAL​ Specialist if​ English​ is​ not​ the​ first​ ​language 

Years 12 to 13 (16 to 18 years old)

  • Interview with student
  • Formal ​evidence​ of​ Public​​ Examination​ ​qualifications
  • Testing ​for​ ​confirmation, ​if​​ appropriate,​​ in​ subject specific​ areas

The marking of​ all​ assessments​ is​​ undertaken​ by​ ​a ​team of​ trained​​ teachers.​ ​To​ help​ with the​ assessment,​ LEH Foshan may make contact​ with an​ applicant’s​ ​current ​or​ former schools​ to​ help​ substantiate​ data​ generated​ by​ the​ formal testing​ ​procedure  


Special Educational Needs

If ​during​​ the​ course​ of​ gathering​​ information, testing​ and​/or​ interviews​, it​ is suggested​ that the​ applicant​ may​​ have​ ​any special​ educational​ needs,​ ​then​​ an​ ​assessment will be​made by​ the​​ Headmaster with​ advice​ taken​ from​ the​ ​Deputy Heads​ and​ the​​ Director of Learning Support as to​ the​​ ​progression​ of the​ application.​ ​The​ ​Learning​ Support​ ​Policy will​ be​​ made​​ available​ to​ parents​ and​​ options​​ ​discussed.

During the​​ course of​ the​​ ​internal admissions​​ process,​ ​it​ may​​ become​ apparent​ ​that further  assessment​ by​ the​ School’s​ Director​ ​of ​Learning Support​ ​or a​ professionally​ qualified ​Educational​ Psychologist​ (at​ cost​ to​ parents)​ is​ ​warranted. ​The​ ​school can​​ help​ with the arrangements​​ and​​ the​ ​information ​provided​​ will​ be​​ taken​ ​into​ ​account​ in the​ final decision.​


Admissions Decisions

All ​information​ relating​ to​ the​ ​application will be​ compiled​ by​ the​​ ​Registrar ​and​​ a​ standard  file​​ presented​ to​ the​​ Headmaster.​ ​ At​ this​​ point​​ ​any​ extenuating​ ​or​ special ​circumstances pertaining​​ to​​ the​​ ​application will be​ raised.​ ​ All​​ information​ ​will​ ​be reviewed​ prior to the final​ decision​ as​ to​ whether​ an​ offer​ ​is to​ be​ made.​ ​ All​ decisions​ regarding​ admission​ to the​​ school​ rest​ ​with the Headmaster​ although​ this​ responsibility​ ​may, in​​ some circumstances, be​​ delegated​ to​​ the​ Deputy Heads if ​appropriate.

Following ​the​​ decision,​ parents​​ are​ ​notified by​ the​ Registrar​ as to whether​ the​​ application​ ​ has​ ​been successful​ or​ not.​ ​ If​​ successful,​ ​​a Letter​ of​ Acceptance will​ be​ sent​ together ​with ​an​ Acceptance​​ of​ Place​​ Form,​​ Medical​ ​Insurance information,​ Guaranteed​ Place​​ Fee ​invoice​​ and​ the​ ​School’s​ ​Terms​ and​ ​​Conditions booklet. (Please note​​ that​ the​ School’s Terms​​ and​ ​Conditions are​ amended​ from​​ time​ ​to time​ and​​ that​ ​the​ active​ version is​​ always​ published ​on the​ School Website.)​ ​The​ Acceptance​ of​ Place​ ​Form​ must​ be​​ signed​ and​ returned​ with the Guaranteed​ Place​ Fee​ in strict​ accordance​ with​​ the​ timeline​ set​ out​ in​ the​​ Letter​​ ​of Acceptance.​ ​ Failure​​ to​ comply​ by​​ the​ date ​set​​ out​​ in​ the​​ Letter​ of​ Acceptance​ may result​ in​​ the​ offer​ being withdrawn​ and​​ the​ place​ being​ offered​ to​ another​ ​applicant.​

It​ may​ be​​ possible​ that​ a​​ ​student​ ​meets ​the​ ​entry criteria​ ​but a​​ place​ ​is​ not​ ​available.​ ​ In such​ circumstances,​ the​​ student’s​ name​ ​will be​ added​ to ​a waiting​ list for​ the​ appropriate year​ and​​ parents​ contacted​ as​ soon​ as​ a​​ place becomes​ ​available.​   


Points of Progress

LEH Foshan pledges​ ​to​​ adopt​ best​ practice​​ in​ its​ ​admissions’ procedures ​and​​ ensures careful,​​ precise​​ ​and fair​ selectivity​ at​ all​ stages​ ​​of​ entry.​ ​ The​ admissions process​​ and​ policy​ is​ ​designed to​ be​ rigorous,​ transparent​ and​​ consistent​ ​in its​ application.​​ In​ normal circumstances,​ students​ progress​ from​ admission​​ to​ graduation. ​ However, ​progression through​ ​the​​ School​ cannot​ ​always​ ​be​ guaranteed.​

At ​key​ points,​ ​careful ​assessments​  are​ made​ in​​ order​​ to​ assess​ ​​students’ suitability​ to proceed.  Such​ assessments​ will​ take​ into​ ​account​​ academic,​ social, behavioural​ ​and special educational​ needs​ ​reports.​

The following​​ Key​ ​Points​ of​ ​Progress​ are​ identified​ although​ it​ may​​ ​be appropriate​ ​in some circumstances​ for​ the​ School​ ​to consult​ with​ parents​ ​at other​ points​​ as​ to the suitability of​​ the​ education​ at​​ LEH Foshan​​ for​ their​ ​child: 

·       End ​of​​ Year​ 9​ ​(before​ embarking​​ on IGCSEs)​

·       End​ of​ Year​​ 11 (before​ embarking on A Level study)​

These​ points​​ of​ progress​ identify​ ​moments ​when​ clear​ decisions​ have​​ to​ be​ ​made.  However, in​ every​​ case​​ where​ ​there is​ concern,​​ the​ ​School​ will​ make​ contact​ with​ the parents​ well​ in​ advance​ of these​ progress​​ points.​ ​ It​​ ​is​ viewed​​ as​ good​​ practice​ for​ the School ​to​​ be​​ working​ with​ parents​​ 12​ – 24​ ​ ​months in​​ advance​ of​ the​​ appropriate​ Key​ Point of​ Progress​ as​ outlined​ in​ the​ Headmaster’s​ Letter of​ ​Acceptance.  


Sibling Policy

Whilst ​every​ effort​​ will​ be​​ made​​ ​to​ ​accommodate siblings,​ ​entry to​​ LEH Foshan​ is​ by selection​ ​and place​​ availability​ is​ assessed​ on​ a​ ​case-by-case basis.



Scholarships ​(including ​discretionary​​ fee​ remissions)​ are​ ​available​ to​​ ​students ​​of demonstrable excellence​ ​in​​ the​​ following​​ disciplines:​ 

  • Academic
  • Music ​(​instrumental and​​ voice)
  • Drama
  • Art And Design

In normal​ ​circumstances,​ Academic​ ​Scholarships​​ are​​ ​awarded only ​to students​ ​in Years​ 12 and ​13.​ ​ The​​ School’s​ Scholarship​ Policy​ is​ available​ upon​ request.​