A Typical Day

All students have full access to the School facilities and are expected to participate fully in extra-curricular activities.

Day students are expected to be on site by 8:00am and may leave at 5:50pm when activities have finished. They may wish to stay later to participate in School and House evening events. 

 time A tipical Day
07:00am  Breakfast in the Main Dining Hall
08:00am  Registration - with your House Teams
08:20am  Lesson 1
09:20am  Lesson 2
10:20am  Break
10:40am  Lesson 3
11:40am  Lesson 4
12:40pm  Lunch in the Main Dining Hall
1:30pm  Lesson 5
2:30pm  Lesson 6
3:30pm  End of Teaching Day
3:50pm  Activity 1
4:50pm  Activity 2
5:50pm  Rest time
6:20pm  Supper in the Main Dining Hall
7:20pm  Evening School – Homework activities supervised and supported by teachers
9:20pm  Rest time
10:00pm  Lights out