Following the tradition of our sister school as one of the Top 10 independent schools in the UK, LEH Foshan will be a place of opportunity, challenge and friendship. High academic standards and expectations combined with a joyful learning environment will enable students to graduate to the world’s leading universities.   

LEH Foshan students follow an enhanced English National Curriculum leading to the internationally recognised IGCSE qualifications at age 16 and A Level qualifications at age 18. Highly qualified and inspirational teachers from the UK together with state-of-the-art facilities support our focus on academic excellence whilst allowing students to acquire and build the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives.



AGES: 10  (YEAR 6, Pre - Secondary)

By joining the Pre-Secondary Accelerated English programme  students benefit from a creative and challenging curriculum that develops the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to thrive in Secondary school and beyond - encouraged to combine academic excellence with integrity, confidence, and courage.

English language specialists work with mainstream teachers in a range of subjects to support language acquisition, build literacy skills and to teach dedicated English lessons to target support as needed.  



AGES: 11 - 13 (YEAR 7 - 9)

Students joining the school at age 11 will follow an engaging and rigorous curriculum that will enable them to develop their own academic interests while providing a broad foundation on which to build. All students from age 11-13 will study English, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) alongside Humanities (Geography, History and Philosophy) and Technical / Creative Arts (Fine Art, Computing, Drama, Music and Technology). A programme of Personal, Health and Social Education, Physical Education and Tutor Periods will ensure students develop an understanding of health and wellbeing alongside their academic studies.


AGES: 14 - 15 (YEAR 10 - 11)

IGCSEs Students from age 14 - 15 will follow a 2-year programme leading to IGCSE qualifications. A compulsory core of English, Mandarin, Mathematics and Science will be complemented by 3 or 4 option choices. Students joining at 15 years old may choose a pre-A Level year of intensive English language preparation. In addition, they will have a non-examined core programme of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking.




AGES: 15 (YEAR 11, pre - a lEvel)

The Pre A-Level Programme lays all important foundations ahead of the 2 year A-Level courses offered in the Advanced Level Programme. Our courses are stimulating, enabling you to stretch your academic interests, and specialise in areas you may wish to pursue at university and beyond.





AGES: 16 - 18 (YEAR 12 - 13)

A Levels Students in the final two years of school from age 16 - 18 will follow a 2-year programme leading to A Level qualifications and university entrance examinations where appropriate. The compulsory core of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking will enhance a programme of 3 or 4 A Level subjects.