Prep School, AGES: 6-10 (YEARS 2-6)

On 31 August 2022, Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan (LEH Foshan) officially launched its Prep School to extend its excellent British education to younger students of families from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan and foreign countries working and living in the Greater Bay Area.

LEH Foshan Prep School offers day and boarding options to students aged 6-10 from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and foreign countries, and offers a globally recognised British education to help them build a strong academic foundation for later secondary school years.


Highlights of Prep School

100% British Teachers

Head of Prep School Ms Mandy Bateman graduated from Cambridge University and has worked in both private and public schools in the UK. She leads a teaching team all having a background in educating young students in the UK and China.

  • Experienced British Teachers
  • Most hold Master Degrees
  • Worked in local schools in the UK or international schools
  • Supported by Chinese Teaching Assistants



A Truly British Curriculum

The Prep School will offer a unique and intensive British curriculum based on the British National Curriculum and incorporates the local Lingnan culture. In the classroom, teachers adopt the thematic learning approach to teach five core subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. 
Each Class teacher is supported by teaching assistants, not only in classroom teaching but also in pastoral guidance. There are also subjects of Spanish, Chinese, Art, Music, Drama, Sports, and Computer Science delivered by specialist teachers to enhance the students’ learning opportunities.

Immersive English Learning and Individualised Support

In the Prep School, all lessons will be conducted in English (except Chinese and foreign language lessons). Small-size classes ensure that each teacher can gain a firm knowledge of his or her student’s strengths and challenges and design highly individual learning plans for them. Students will be able to take advantage from the plan and improve their English skills for future study.
Students will also benefit from the English Language Learning (ELL) Programme carefully designed by the Headteacher Mrs Jane Arden and with the support from the in-house English Language Acquisition team this helps develop their holistic language skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. This allows them to fully engage in the school’s British Curriculum. 



An Authentic and Home-Felt British Boarding Experience

LEH Foshan is the first Day and Boarding British International School with House System in Guangzhou and Foshan Area. To ensure student’s sleeping quality, the school was imported high quality beds and Mattress from UK. In addition to a full day of learning hours, boarding students can also benefit from evening and weekend activities and teacher-supervised evening school.

Learn more about Prep School boarding programme

Holistic Education with an Exciting Range of Daily Extra-Curricular Activities

LEH Foshan offers a holistic education to all students, with two days extra-curricular activities inclusive of sports (such as football, rugby, swimming), creative arts, lion dance, music, drama, robotics, Chinese classics, etc. offering them the opportunity to discover their hobbies and giving them both physical and emotional space to develop and express themselves.

Head of Prep School

Ms Mandy Bateman

Education Background

  • BA in Education (Staffordshire University)
  • PGCE (Edge Hill University)
  • MA SEN Education Cambridge UK

Ms Bateman has 30 years of experience as an educator and leader in both British and international schools in the UK, Portugal, and Egypt. Her journey in education has been wide-ranging. In 2009 she established herself as a leader when she became a founding Headteacher of an independent school in the UK.

Start the year as strangers… end it as family…

Here at LEH Foshan, we aim to make learning exciting, fun and motivating for all our pupils – as well as enhancing our teachers’ enthusiasm and passion for teaching. We want our pupils to see learning as holistic and interwoven, which leads towards mastery and deeper understanding of the world around them....


A Busy, Happy & Purposeful School Life

We have purpose-built areas within the school to participate in many activities

Prep School students will have 2-one hour ECA sessions. The overarching ethos of the ECA programme at LEH is to support students to develop into young adults that have the confidence and skills to further pursue activities they enjoy as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Specialist teachers will also be available for prep sessions where homework will be completed. We also offer the opportunity for flexible boarding daily.

Pastoral Care


Pastorally we will nurture remarkable young men and women with focus on four keywords - Hope, Opportunity, Challenge, and Friendship.

Nurture Future Leaders

In Prep School we want to develop a culture of family pride with academic excellence and achievements alongside well developed characters and pastoral wellbeing.

We will encourage the children to have high expectations and to contribute towards, reflect on and shape their role as learners - in addition to being responsible members of the school, the local and the wider community.

We will enthusiastically develop Prep School students’ interests and passion for learning, leading them into our exemplary Senior School becoming leaders graduating to embark on careers at the world’s leading universities.


Visit LEH Foshan Prep School

LEH Foshan cordially invites interested families to book a private school tour, because when you are choosing a school, nothing beats walking through the front doors and getting to know the feel of the campus.

For parents who are unable to attend our school at the moment, we are glad to announce the launch of our voice-guided VR School Tour, providing families the opportunity to discover our award-winning campus from the comfort of their home.




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