IGCSE, AGES: 14 - 15 (YEAR 10 - 11)

At LEH Foshan, the IGCSE course is open to students aged 14 – 15 in Years 10 – 11 (also known as Key Stage 4). Our courses are stimulating, enabling students to stretch their academic interests, and pursue the subjects they have chosen, encouraging them to be intellectually and physically adventurous.

During Key Stage 4 students work towards IGCSE qualifications. The courses in Years 10 and 11 are designed to provide a challenging education, allowing students to begin to specialise in certain areas of interest without sacrificing a balance of subjects and skills. In Science, English, Maths and Mandarin our more able students will begin their studies in Year 9, thus allowing them to take some exams at the end of Year 10.


IGCSE options available at LEH Foshan


The IGCSE curriculum is constructed specifically to ensure that our students have a broad and balanced spread of subjects. We recommend that the choices cover a good range of subjects, which will give you the flexibility necessary, whatever direction you choose in the future.

To assist in making informed choices, every student will have the opportunity to discuss subject choices with both their personal tutor and with their teachers. Our key goals are for students to maintain maximum breadth in their choices, but also to choose the subjects they enjoy most.

In addition, they will have a non-examined core programme of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking.

Compulsory: 6-7

     English Language (First, Second or Foreign Language)

     Chinese Language (First, Second or Foreign Language)



     Physical Education (non-IGCSE)

     Personal Social Health Economics Education (PSHE)(non-IGCSE)


Optional: 3-4


     Computer Science

     Design and Technology






     Physical Education


     Business Studies

     Global Perspectives


Experienced British Teachers

Your child(ren) will be taught by our talented teachers, 90 % of whom are British, with over 15 years of teaching experience on average, some of them are/had been examiners of IGCSE and A Level.

Dr Martin Kirk

  Dr Martin Kirk is our Head of Science Faculty & Head of Academics. Dr Kirk has over 25 years of experience teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics in local schools in the UK and British international schools around the world including in Thailand, Dubai, Spain and China. He is also an associate examiner of Pearson A-Level Chemistry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, both from the University of Leeds.  


Mrs Deborah Kirk


Mrs Deborah Kirk is our Head of Mathematics Faculty and Head of Sixth Form. She has taught Maths for over 30 years around the world in top international schools, including Colombia, Spain, Dubai and Bangkok. She is also an A Level Examiner.



Mr David Hobourn


Mr David Hobourn is our Director of Music with over twenty years’ experience in music education and performance. He has been on the music examining panel of Trinity College London since 1999.






At LEH International School Foshan, the school year 2022-2023 welcomed our first IGCSE cohorts entering Sixth Form, a new exciting chapter of their learning journey. 
Over the past two years, they had been working very hard and their effort paid off in their excellent IGCSE results, with nearly 50% of all grades being A*-A. Their results stand out in many subjects across Science, Maths, Creative Arts and Languages.




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LEH International School Foshan takes immense pride in the outstanding achievements of our Year 11 students during their final IGCSE assessments held in May and June 2023. Despite being a small and exclusive group, the results were nothing short of remarkable. 59.1% achieving A*-A and 86.4% achieving A*-B. 
Among the exceptional successes, one student stands out, and that is Jack. He has set a remarkable standard by achieving the highest possible grades in five of his IGCSE qualification.



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