Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

LEH Foshan’s academic curriculum is enhanced by a rich programme of extra-curricular activities (ECAs). The ECA programme aims to offer students a broad experience, allowing them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, supporting them to discover and try out activities that may be new to them in addition to those that are familiar. It offers opportunities for designing and leading activities in addition to participation.

Daily Extra-curricular Activities

ECAs at LEH Foshan is mandatory as we believe developing an active, healthy lifestyle is key to supporting physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing. We offer ECAs 2 sessions per day, from Monday to Friday including a wide range of activities and we change them termly.

Chinese / Local Culture Integration

Set foot in the history-rich city Foshan, LEH Foshan keeps introducing and integrating Chinese culture and the local Lingnan culture to the school’s curriculum and enrichment programmes. For example, we have invited Wing Chun master Professor Heman Leung, grandson of grandmaster Yip Man in Kungfu family and nephew of Bruce Lee in Kungfu family, and paper-cutting artist Ms Yanping Deng, with over 10 years’ experience, to the campus to offer some insights of two of the most valuable intangible Lingnan cultural heritages and invite our students to a trial session. Shortly our ECA programme will feature the Lion Dance.

Benefits of ECAs

The overarching ethos of the ECA programme at LEH is to support students to develop into young adults that have the confidence and skills to further pursue activities they enjoy as part of an active, healthy lifestyle. It is also designed to encourage confidence, independence, initiative, creativity, and leadership and provide regular opportunities for individual and team performance.

Moreover, the ECA programme can help students reach far beyond the campus. The interests and passions that students develop through these activities will enable them to stand out when they apply to university. ECAs also allows students to develop transferable skills, earn career experience and build their resume, increasing student’s career prospects.

Meet the Staff in Charge

Ms Danielle Morgan

Head of Sport and Activities

  • BA (Hons) Dance Studies from the University of Surrey, Roehampton

  • PGCE from the University of Wolverhampton

  • MSc Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy from the University of Birmingham

  • Over 10 years fitness training experience

  • Dance, yoga and fitness teaching experience in UK and Australia

  • Worked as a Head of Year for several years in London

  • Interests include dance, nutrition, yoga and netball


Welcome from the Head of Sport and Activities

Welcome to LEH Foshan’s Extra-Curricular Programme! 

The Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) programme aims to offer students a broad experience, allowing them the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities across the academic, supporting them to discover and nurture their innate talents and abilities. It offers opportunities to develop leadership, independence.   

In the Prep School, students are offered optional homework support, and in the secondary phase activities are also balanced with academic study time, increasing as students move towards more senior year groups. These academic study slots facilitate LEH Foshan’s aims of creating proactive expert learners, confident in their acquisition of knowledge and pursuit of their passions. 

Over the coming year the ECA Programme will provide opportunities for students to take part in a range of academic activities and competitions, for example Model United Nations, debate competitions and competition maths such as Australian Mathematics Competition, and UK Maths Challenge.    

LEH Foshan looks forward to supporting our students as they develop into remarkable young men and women. 


Hot Questions for Ms Morgan

  • What ECAs are most popular among LEH Students?

Basketball, music, French, rugby, and badminton have been the most popular over the last 2 terms.

  • Do we offer students opportunity to perform or participate in competitions?

Students have performed in end of term assemblies and have taken part in “in-school” competitions. The school has 4 houses and will be holding its first interhouse sports competition later this month. As a new school we are in the process of establishing competitive teams who will participate in inter-school competitions.

  • Are there more ECA opportunities to come?

The internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme will feature strongly. We recognise the value of service in developing young minds, and our students are encouraged to be involved in projects supporting our local community.

The school in planning to offer more field trips in the near future.