A Level, AGES: 16 - 18 (YEAR 12 - 13)

LEH International School Foshan offered the prestigious Advanced Level Qualifications Programme (A Level) to our Sixth Form students. This will enable LEH students finishing their IGCSEs to continue their top-level British Education in Foshan in Year 12 and 13.

The A Levels help prepare students for university all over the world and not only in the UK. They are a great introduction to the study habits, the rigour and the deep content knowledge required at university. In the UK they have been designed as university entrance exams, nevertheless, they are widely valued all over the world and they will allow you to have a smooth admissions process.

Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Deborah Kirk

Head of Mathematics Faculty and Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Deborah Kirk joined LEH Foshan as the Founding Head of Mathematics Faculty and Head of Sixth Form. She graduated from the University of Exeter with a Mathematics degree and since then, Mrs Kirk has taught Maths for over 30 years around the world in top international schools, including Bogota (Colombia), Barcelona, Dubai and Bangkok. Before joining LEH Foshan she was teaching in the UK where she was not only teaching Maths, but also enjoyed the role of Sixth Form Tutor supporting pre-university preparation as well as an A-Level Examiner.

Subjects on Offer at LEH Foshan

Students typically study a minimum of three subjects. Subjects include English Language & Literature, Spanish, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Economics, Art, Sports Science, Further Mathematics, Music, Computer Science and of course Chinese.

The compulsory core of Physical Education, Personal, Health and Social Education and Critical Thinking will enhance a programme of 3 or 4 A Level subjects.

A Level options



 Business Studies

 ● Chemistry

 ● Chinese

 ● Computer Science

Design & Technology


English Literature





Further Mathematics



Physical Education



Non-A Level

     Careers and University Guidance

     Physical Education (non-A Level)

     PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economics)

     The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)





Talented and Experienced Teachers

Your child(ren) will be taught by our talented teachers, 90 % of whom are British, with over 15 years of teaching experience on average, some of them are/had been examiners of IGCSE and A Level.

Dr Martin Kirk

  Dr Martin Kirk is our Head of Science Faculty & Head of Academics. Dr Kirk has over 25 years of experience teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics in local schools in the UK and British international schools around the world including in Thailand, Dubai, Spain and China. He is also an associate examiner of Pearson A-Level Chemistry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, both from the University of Leeds.  


Mrs Deborah Kirk


Mrs Deborah Kirk is our Head of Mathematics Faculty and Head of Sixth Form. She has taught Maths for over 30 years around the world in top international schools, including Colombia, Spain, Dubai and Bangkok. She is also an A Level Examiner.



Mr David Hobourn


Mr David Hobourn is our Director of Music with over twenty years’ experience in music education and performance. He has been on the music examining panel of Trinity College London since 1999.




LEH Foshan A Level Results

LEH International School Foshan takes great pride in celebrating the extraordinary accomplishment of Scarlett, our first graduate. Scarlett joined our school community in August 2022, commencing her journey in Year 13 of the Sixth Form. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to her for securing acceptance into several esteemed universities, truly highlighting her exceptional achievements.
Scarlett, an aspiring young musician, had her talent recognised by prestigious institutions across the UK as she received offer letters from four renowned universities: the University of Leeds, the University of Southampton, Royal Holloway University of London, and Durham University. Among these, Durham University's Music department shines with an exceptional reputation, consistently securing top rankings in the field of music education. 

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300 Years of Teaching Excellence

Chosen as Independent Girls' School of the Year at the Independent School Awards, Lady Eleanor Holles (LEH) is a remarkable school. It is a school where students successfully combine impressive intellectual endeavour with enthusiastic engagement well beyond academia. Their exam results and their sporting achievements are among the best in the UK. Their musical and dramatic activities place them among the best of young performers.

In 2022, 95% achieved A*-B at A level and 95% achieved A*-A (9-7) at GCSE.

At LEH Foshan it is our goal to match the excellent adacemic standard of our sister school. 


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