At LEH Foshan all our teaching, pastoral care and extra-curricular activities are designed to ensure that students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and attributes required for life in the 21st century.

We believe in giving students an education where excellent exam results are a by-product of that education, rather than being the central focus. We look for students with an intellectual curiosity and a love of learning which we aim to foster throughout their time at LEH. We realise that motivating students comes from the appropriate level of challenge being given in their learning.

Our role as educators is to develop a lifelong love of learning. As a result, teachers aim to develop the students' ownership of their own learning. Students are encouraged to discovers things for themselves, rather than simply being “spoon fed” to pass an examination. Our aim is to create a learning environment in all classes where students are ready to respond to questions even when they do not know the answer and are prepared to take risks in their learning.