Tradition & Innovation

Building on the long and innovative traditions of our sister school, LEH Foshan has been founded to provide an English language education for international secondary students across the Greater Bay area of Guangdong Province and beyond. We offer day and boarding school options for students from 8 to 18 years old.

Our Mission

LEH Foshan nurtures remarkable young men and women.

LEH Foshan is an outstanding school where each student’s happiness, well-being and success is paramount. By focusing on the individual, we aim to instil into each and every student the belief that they are capable of achieving anything.

Spes Audacem Adjuvat (Hope Favours the Bold)

LEH Foshan offers an inspirational English language education for carefully selected students, developing a joyful attitude to learning which encourages students to think critically and creatively. LEH Foshan is a school full of opportunity, challenge and friendship; a place to take risks and become bold; a place to discover passions, talents and oneself; a place that nurtures remarkable young people. 

Our Students

LEH Foshan, when full, will educate 800 secondary students from ages 8 to 18. With outstanding boarding and extra-curricular facilities, students will come from across mainland China, Hong Kong and worldwide. They aspire to achieve places at the leading universities around the World, to thrive there and to secure careers in world-leading companies and industries.

Our Staff

We recruit the finest teachers and staff from the United Kingdom, providing them with the resources to nurture remarkable students and exemplify the pioneering spirit and traditions of Lady Eleanor Holles School. From our Junior High School students, enthusiastically developing their interests and passion for learning, to our exemplary Senior High School leaders graduating to embark on careers at the world’s leading universities, LEH Foshan is established around its innovative, ambitious and dynamic international community.

Our Ethos

LEH Foshan is a coeducational secondary school full of opportunity, challenge and friendship; a place to take risks and become bold; a place to discover passions, talents and yourself; a place that nurtures remarkable young adults. Our goal is that LEH students become expert learners, unafraid to tackle new and challenging ideas, prepared to take risks, and able to move on positively. 

We encourage our students:

  • to be exactly who they are, whatever their current interests or future aspirations.
  • to benefit from the warmth, respect, and support of the entire School community as they stretch themselves to become their best, most confident selves, as students, and as citizens of the world.
  • to have the freedom to experiment, express opinions, explore and take on new challenges.
  • to be supported by strong role models and inspired by their peers.
  • to find confidence and strength, and acquire and build the skills they need to succeed throughout their lives.
Care & Compassion

LEH Foshan understands the pressures on young people in the modern world. Our teachers pride themselves on the care they give to students and the partnership they form with parents to allow children to be happy as well as successful. From community action to unparalleled university counselling, LEH endeavours to give priority to the highest standards of pastoral care and individual support.

Our boarding houses provide students with long-term stability, a friendly and joyful environment that becomes for the students a home away from home. Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress who has overall responsibility for the students in their house. The Housemaster or Housemistress live in accommodation attached to their boarding house, many with families of their own, and are assisted by an Assistant Housemaster or Housemistress and a team of tutors who will be a member of the teaching staff.

There is always a member of staff on duty in each boarding house, who is clearly visible and easily accessible to the students. They supervise their prep, eat meals with them and socialise in the boarding house. This helps to build up the respect and trust of students, so that they feel able to consult and confide in staff.

In addition, each boarding house has a Matron who looks after laundry and cleanliness. The Matron is someone the students can talk to and seek advice from, and also deals with day-to-day medical issues, supported by our Health Centre, which is staffed 24-hours a day with a team of trained nurses. 

The LEH Tradition

We are a British international school that whilst being contemporary is firmly in the tradition of our parent school in the UK. We share its exemplary standards of achievement, care and governance and enjoy all the advantages of our location. We encourage our students to combine academic excellence with integrity, confidence, courage and conviction; to exemplify the school motto, Spes Audacem Adjuvat (Hope Favours the Bold). Our learner profile provides a pathway that has served faithfully generations of past students.

Our students are encouraged to combine academic excellence with integrity, confidence and courage and to exemplify the school motto,

Spec Audacem Adjuvat ("Hope Favours the Bold").